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Guide to Download Photos From Instagram

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How many times have you struggled to view and download photos and stories from Instagram to your phone or computer? It’s simple to create a publication, but you’ll quickly become disoriented if you need it for something other than the app. Is a screenshot the only option in these situations?

There are a variety of reasons why you might need to download Instagram photographs. Most likely, you don’t have the original image on your phone anymore, and your Instagram profile is the only place you can find it. You may also wish to download the images in which you were tagged.

Or perhaps you’ve chosen to deactivate your Instagram account and are looking for the best method to save your priceless memories – in which case you’ll need not just a means to download Instagram photographs, but you’ll also need to do so quickly since there could be hundreds or even thousands of them.

Finally, you might need to save someone else’s photo to your device, and you don’t want a low-quality screenshot.

Also, you might want to watch Instagram stories anonymously and don’t want the other person to know about it.

It’s only one of many scenarios in which you may find yourself. I’m simply reminding you of image ownership, regardless of what is yours. So, if these photos don’t belong to you, be sure to ask the owner for permission first. Otherwise, it is a copyright infringement, which we do not support!

To answer your query, I’ve compiled a list of five different ways to download Instagram images, which you may choose between based on your mood and attitude. Be cautious since some of them aren’t as straightforward as they appear.

Download Photos from Instagram

Method 1: Save Instagram images to your bookmarks

It’s the only legal way to save someone else’s work without their permission, such as showcases from your favorite studios, inspiring films, hacks, and more. In fact, most users prefer this technique, so if you haven’t already begun building your Instagram collection of saved posts and images, now is the time!

Step 1: Underneath the image you like, tap the bookmark symbol. This is how you save it to your Saved Pictures folder. You may also store videos and IGTVs this way.

Step 2: While holding down the bookmark icon, select/create a folder for tidy file organizing. By default, when you press the bookmark symbol, the Instagram post is saved to your collection.

You may, however, create different folders and organize your stored photos into a well-organized library. It’s as simple as pressing Save to the collection.

Step 3: To get to your saved photos, go to Saved and go through all of the posts you’ve ever bookmarked.

Method 2: Instagram Data Download

Although Instagram does not offer an obvious way to save all of your account’s media, you may request a data download.

This isn’t the most convenient approach to download the essential visuals onto your phone or computer. However, if you need to download all of your Instagram photographs in one go, this will be quite useful.

Step 1: Go to Settings>Security on your Instagram account. You may do this on both your phone and your computer.

Step 2: Select Data Download and type in the appropriate email address. You’ll get an archive of everything you’ve ever posted and shared on your Instagram account afterward.

Also, bear in mind that entering your password will need two steps: first, requesting the data download, and then downloading the archive to your device.

Step 3: Save the ZIP file to your computer. You’ll find everything you’ve ever posted and shared in this folder. There are also all of your conversations, feeds, followers lists, story sticker interactions, and much more, so this appears to be the method to access and preserve your whole Instagram life, not just photos.

Step 4: Look through your photos and save what you need. In the Content folder, you’ll discover all of your articles and carousels. Because these are HTML files, all you have to do is open them in Google Chrome, Safari, or any web browser, navigate through them and save the photos you need.

My initial effort to download Instagram images in this manner failed, and the Content folder didn’t contain any of my posts for some reason. Then I attempted again to request data download, and it worked well! So, if you’re having a similar issue, just try again — or try a different technique.

Yet, if you want to make use of an Instagram photo downloader, you can also try it out. Instastory.net will support you to watch Instagram stories anonymously.

If downloading hundreds of posts to get a single Instagram image you posted in 2017 sounds strange and time-consuming, there is an alternative: inspecting an Instagram post’s source code.

This technique works for most websites as well – just remember to contact the author first, and you’ll most likely obtain the picture directly from them. If these photos belong to you or your firm, however, there’s nothing stopping you from adding them to your collection with a few clicks.

Step 1: Go to the Instagram website and open the photograph. Because your phone is useless in this situation, turn on your computer and launch Google Chrome, Safari, or any online browser of your choosing. Select the image by clicking on it — or, if it’s more convenient, open it in a new tab.

Step 2: Investigate the source code. Choose View page source from the context menu when you right-click the picture. Keep in mind that the name of this tool may vary based on the web browser. To see all the contents of the post, including the description, tagged people, and picture links, open the section of the code that goes above the highlighted stroke. That is exactly why we are here!

Step 3: Save the picture to your computer. These photos will come in a variety of sizes, so pick the one you want and right-click the link to copy it. Press Enter after opening a new tab and pasting the link into the address field. You may now save the image to your computer and begin editing it.

Method 3: Use Instagram Photo downloaders.

You can also use Instagram photo downloaders like instastory.net to download unlimited Instagram photos. IG tools, nowadays, are worth using. They not only help you to download Instagram photos and videos.


Finally, this post has addressed all your queries on how to watch Instagram stories anonymously and download Instagram photos and videos. Check out Instastory.net start downloading too!


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