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Growth of Gaming Industry in China

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China is making progress in every field and the gaming industry is one of them. To your surprise, there are a whopping 600 million gamers present in China and this number is more than the entire population of countries like the UK, France, Germany, the US, and Japan. So are you interested in capturing the lucrative gaming market of China? As people like to buy products and services. that are in their native language, similar people tend to download games that are in their mother tongue. Therefore, to capture the gaming industry of China, you must go for Mandarin translation services.

The Covid-19 Pandemic Boosted the Growth of the Video Game Industry

In this unprecedented time, when Covid-19 has hit the entire world, people are restricted in their homes. Different governments have announced lockdowns to mitigate the spread of this virus. Do you know what people do in their leisure time when they are bound to stay at home? They play video games. In China, Chinese people are stranded at home because of strict health policies. This has increased the downloads of new games. So people spend more time purchasing and playing new games.

 Thanks to information technology that has made this possible. According to the Chinese giant Tencent who is the pioneer of WeChat have estimated the rankings of daily active users have exceeded tremendously with an average of 60-70 million.

Chinese people are fond of playing games on mobiles and PCs. Do you know that Chinese Tencent is the largest game company in the world?  Covid 19 has greatly affected the economic conditions of the people but if you are in the gaming industry then you don’t have to worry. To penetrate the Chinese market, you must take services of Mandarin translation services so that you can take leverage of the lockdown situation. Another lucrative gaming market is Germany. It is considered Europe’s largest gaming market and it has a greater number of online gamers than any other European country. So being in the gaming industry. if you want to tap into the flourishing gaming industry of Germany then to provide the game in the customer’s native language, you must go for German translation services.

Mobile Game Industry in China

Due to technological advancement and mobile proliferation,  game developers can put games in every hand. This is because mobiles are cheaper than PCs. The Chinese people can use mobile games anywhere and they are not restricted to use games at specific locations as in the case of PC,s. This has enhanced the popularity of video games and it has become a popular medium in China.

The revenue generated from mobile games in Q1 of 2021 was 58.83 billion. This revenue is 6.25% more than the previous year. China’s developers are also taking the lead in global games. Moreover, exported game revenues are more than domestic revenue. This causes gamers a barrier to entry but game developers can overcome this barrier by taking assistance from gaming translation services. It provides the translation of games while considering regional and cultural differences. As in China, mandarin and catalase are two dialects. If the games are translated according to the local dialect, then game developers can easily capture the domestic market.

Legal or Regulatory Requirements to Enter China Market

Besides, translating a game in a customer’s native language like for the German market. you must go for German translation services. There are some legal requirements that you must abide by to enter a specific country. Therefore, if you want to tap into China’s gaming industry then first, you must apply for a software copyright certificate, fill a security assessment form, and ICP filing. Moreover, your game should have a real name and it should be access by a few people as instructed by law.

Games available in apps and all paid games must apply for a license. This license is issue by the National Print and Publications Administration. The legal authorities will review the gameplay, artwork, games script, and how easily the game can be assess according to the Chinese laws.  This process takes one year.

 Wrapping Up

Economic turmoil has hit the global world because of Covid 19. Some businesses witness a heavy loss but if you are dealing in the Gaming industry, you don’t have to worry. This industry has flourished more than before. You just must play rationally and before entering any market, you must use gaming translation services.  


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