Growing requirement of RO plants in Pakistan

RO plants
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The RO plant requirements are increasing in the Pakistan due to the several reasons as Pakistan is the underdeveloped

country where has many issues some are direct and some are indirect but the impact of different things create need o

new different things same happen with the RO plants in Pakistan. The scarcity of the water opens new gates for the

new industry which comes in the form of RO plant which has capability to clean ground water, sea water and other

purification of water to make it usable and drinkable, normally that technology used where no natural water available

for the general public that’s why need to use processed water. Some are main issues in Pakistan due to which Pakistan

facing drinking water and useable shortage which are as follows. 

1. Unjustified natural water distribution

Due to the difference influences and wrong use of the government base power pushing existing system towards the

bad situation because of unjustified distributions of natural water, the system means equal distribution of water for all

the cities and inter cities areas or excess water to those areas where water is shorter.

But the issue rises, when the all-power full people of the government willing to move natural water without any system

and rule which create extreme shortage in different areas which increases the demand of the substitutes of the water,

which means increase in the demand of RO plant which can convert any kind of water into drinking water.

2. Involvement of water mafia

Further the main issue is this when natural water available inside the cities different mafia controlling them under the

shed of government authorities for making money from the general public, actually they are stopping the water supply

in different areas and selling water tankers in those areas which means selling the same water to them which is

naturally for them.

Those mafias are very strong due to the government officials support on their backs and that’s why they are holding

water supply in different areas, so this is another big reason of water shortage and public diversion towards

alternatives of water sources, which means increase in demand of RO plant which can convert any kind of water into

drinking water.  

3. Illegal Land Capturing

Another issue is the land mafia who are very fast in capturing lands as they are expert in to do this, due to which the

natural water distribution also get hurt for the agriculture and the normal use as well, the land capturing is basically by

force capturing not against legal process and payment it did on the basis of fear and threat.

The normal public who not willing to fight with them and not willing to take any risk mostly run out of this matter, so

the capturing of the land and the diversion of water supply from that land to the desired location make things

comfortable for them but hell for the general public that’s now most of the people diverting towards the RO plants


4. Old water distribution system

Whereas the old water distribution is concern it is like after the British left Pakistan that system does not update even

not proper maintain the concern authorities only eating the budget and nothing else, they do not concern either

system work or not they concern with the budget amount and the salaries, as this is the big failure of the system.

The old water distribution is at the death stage because it is now mixing with the sewerage water which makes it

unusable, further the many distributions inter-city lines are also getting damage so the supply system of the different

cities at its final stage only needs to do counting when it completely claps, so that creates the need of RO plants.  

5. No proper work of authorities

The government and the private concerns who work for the different projects in the water supply and sewerage

matters they are manipulating things according to their political benefits, which leads no care for the people and

citizen of Pakistan they only concern for the bad political practices and their influence no concern with their real work.

6. Lack of latest technology

The technology is used where the team is willing to do something more and better than the past, but when the team is

not concern about their basic work and tasks so, talking on the technology is useless if even they bought for the

corruption as well but they never use it for the betterment of the system so that creates the need of RO plant in


7. Lack of Dams

The different political parties who associated with the government bodies and the opposition bodies both are engaged

in making fool to the normal public and both pretending that they are doing something better for the public, but in

reality, they are only making fool and enjoying their seats and benefits, they don’t concern about the future.

In Pakistan natural rain is common but due to lack of dams Pakistan has no enough storage of water backups which

means an increase in population and water requirements but no plan for water storage and supply for future safety

due to these factors RO plant getting in more because people need to help themself for water.

8. No area cares

The different government authorities have jobs to make sure the drinking water areas are perfectly clean with the

hazard things or not and it is their task to make sure the all the cleaning and maintaining things associated with the

water storage and supply but at actual they are not doing it and due to which the natural water getting dirty and

dangerous for use.

9. Wrapping up

Now on the basis of the above discussion, we can say that now RO plants in Pakistan becomes a basic necessity

because many of the officials are not focusing on the general and basic needs of normal life which creates a big

demand for RO plants.

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