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Grab Your SHAREit APK File Here

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File sharing tools help you move your data around. If you’re looking for the right solution, then consider installing the SHAREit app on your phone and PC. But, SHAREit is much more than a standard sharing application; it is a fully-fledged digital content platform, enabling users to consume HD content and download games seamlessly. 

Major Features 

To start, let’s understand the top advantages users can get upon downloading SHAREit: 

  • Compatibility: SHAREit is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows PC. That means you can do multiplatform transfers like moving the data from your iPhone or Android to your Windows PC and vice versa. 
  • Range of Files: When it comes to the kind of data you can transfer, the app pretty much covers a slew of file types and formats. You can move around photos, documents, songs, and videos. You can also transfer apps. That makes collaboration super easy, as you won’t have to worry about transferring files, thinking the app won’t recognize the format or file type. Those are just some of the best reasons why you’ll want to download SHAREit and start using it. 
  • Speed: SHAREit facilitates file transfer at a breakneck speed of up to 20 Mbps. It is 20 times faster than Bluetooth, which is one of the first file-sharing solutions that don’t require a cable. 
  • Gaming Centre: SHAREit has a unique gaming centre that allows users to download trending mobile games. Unlike the Google play store, you can download these games using the gaming centre without logging in. 
  • HD Content: You can consume HD videos, regional content, gaming content, etc., on the SHAREit app. All these features make SHAREit an excellent platform to consume digital content. 

Data Transfers 

Before you can start with the data transfers, you need to download SHAREit on your devices. If you plan to use it at work, encourage everyone on your team to download the file-sharing tool, so you can all use it. Once it’s installed, grant the permission it needs, and you should be good to go. 

For your first transfer, launch the app on your source device. Tap the send feature, and you’ll end up on your phone storage, where you’ll choose the file you want to send. Another way to do the transfer is to click Receive on the target device. It will search for the devices around you; choose the correct one and confirm the connection. Once done, you can start receiving any of the files or documents. 

Is It Right for You? 

Here’s a review to help you figure out why it’s an excellent option for you: 


  • All the features on the SHAREit app are free. 
  • It facilitates wireless transfer at a breakneck speed. 
  • Enables you to download mobile games without logging in. 
  • Thousands of HD videos are at your disposal. 
  • It is much more than a standard file-sharing app; SHAREit is a digital content platform. 


  • You may experience lags while transferring the files. But, this is a by-product of not having the latest version. To ensure a frictionless file-sharing experience, ensure that the app is updated to its latest version. 

For more information, go on over to SHAREit Twitter handle to receive all the latest updates. 


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