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Google Search Console | What & Why?

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What is Google Search Console?

Frequent appearance in the search results and receiving a massive volume of web traffic sounds intriguing. However, to get all, you have to work your fingers to the bone.

To simplify this backbreaking work, Google puts forward a tool. Its name, “Search Console,” suits it best when looking at the features it offers to the users.

What we mean is that you can know your website and its users’ analytics. It tells you:

  • Your ranking pages and ranking keywords
  • How much is web traffic coming to your website?
  • Impression, click-through rate
  • Where is this traffic coming from?
  • The devices used for visiting your site (mobile, tablets, desktops)
  • Visitors staying time, bounce rate
  • Popular pages, popular content pieces
  • URL inspection, website speed
  • Links and sitemaps
  • Exploring the website errors and flaws

And many more.

Why use Google Search Console?

Not everybody can be a master from the start, or some cannot afford the SEO Services for their websites.

However, to have a lively website and keep going on the business success path, monitoring and maintaining the website performance is a must. Thus, using the search console, you can do all this easily.

Besides, knowing the above data (bullet points) via the Google Search Console, you can optimize your site accordingly. Further to stay updated with the latest trends being practiced in the search market.

In case of updating/ upgrading the pages/ content, should a new issue arises, you will be notified and can fix it quickly. Else ways you might not know until it becomes a hard blow to the website. 

Are you hesitant to do the arduous monitoring or don’t have much time due to business activities? SEO Services can keep a check on your site performance cost-effectively. Further, to boost the ranking and increased visibility, it shapes and follows the strategic approaches.

Best digital marketing companies imparting Best SEO Services and are expert of all SEO tools (including search console) necessary to make your website pass the search standards. As a result, you get quality web traffic, and high SEO rankings pan out your website and hence business success.


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