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Things to know about Google my activity page

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The welcome to my activity page is where you can find the actual data you collected by Google for a long time. You can check it by visiting myactivity.google.com (there; you have to sign in to your account. You will find all the recent assortment of the google item on my activity page, including your recent searched keywords, Image, Maps, and shopping. 

My activity webpage tracks all the information. 

Welcome to my activity page allows you to get a comprehensive inquiry where you can check what activity you have done recently on the web browser. Suppose you search for Arijit Singh; it will show you all the songs you have listened to on youtube. Similarly, like you read an article or page you opened will appear here. Users can also check the time when they visited the particular web page. You don’t have to worry as you can easily erase your recent activity. 

You can easily customize the settings and hide your history. 

If you want to keep your thing private and secure, you would be happy to change its privacy settings. Users can also erase the data by visiting to welcome to my activity. Looking at the promotional ads, users can find detailed information about the particular advertisements or click on the show more to see more similar advertisements. Users get many advertisements when they look to change their privacy settings. 

What can the user erase?

Users can remove anything undoubtedly from their google activity page. Thus, Google keeps your data to check your Google insight. If you erase the data from the welcome to my activity page, you will find a reduction in the Google administration value. 

Remove the information tracked Google item 

Let us understand using the example, YouTube or image search visit my activity page and arrange the filter as per the date and item in the search box. Choose the item you want to erase and find that item permanently. Click on the search button. After that, tap on the three dabs positioned close to the search box and selected the delete results. 

Erase specific things from the activity page 

In this, you can find the thing which you want to delete from the activity page and snap the three spots that are close to it and then press on the delete button ( It is done only for that thing which is personal)

Erase watch activity or the search activity 

For doing this, go to my activity page, input the pursuit term in the search box and tap on the search button. 

It is basic that now most e-commerce websites keep a clear record of what you are doing on the web. Let’s understand; suppose you have searched for something on the e-commerce website and those products are after you till you purchase that product. Google my activity page helps users who wish to check what they have done searched on the web browser the whole day. Many people utilized the welcome my activity as a good sign, but some users get offended by this feature. 

Why is it essential to clear the activity?

Now you might have considered what information Google collects about you when you use the web browser? Google has all the information about you. And the companies know what you do on the internet from what videos you stream, which site you visit, and even what place you travel to. So it has become essential to go to my activate page and manage privacy so that google doesn’t track your information nor any organization. 

Use the Gmail 2-Step Verification for enhanced security by Google.

Currently, Google has added extra security for the user concerned more about the security of their data. So keep your data extra safe and avoid the organization to gather your activity. You are required to activate a Gmail 2-Step Verification Settings to enhance security. Doing this will take the level of security to the next level. Hence in this way, your data and information will be safe. 

How you can prevent Google from sparing any information

Google is capable enough to offer security to the user directly inside my activity page. For this, you need to navigate to the menu option in the top left corner and check what activities you are allowing Google to follow. At my activity, you will find every module for web and app activity, location, device details, history, YouTube, etc. Tap on the close every module, and hence you will eliminate Google from sparing the information in any case. 


The above given is enough information to make you understand about the welcome to my activity and how Google modifies your activities when you are googling something. The article has also mentioned how you can secure your data and erase your personal data from Google. It’s up to you how you take my activity page as a good sign or a bad sign.


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