Gold-Plated Brass Everyday Jewelry

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using gold-plated brass in jewelry making? It’s not so much the advantages as it is the disadvantages. If you don’t know the differences between these two metals, then it’s time you learn. When making jewelry, you have to make sure that all the materials you use are of good quality and should have a long shelf life. Brass is a perfect metal to use for jewelry making because of its affordability and many positive attributes.

These days, fashion jewelry is what most people go for. The price of gold has gone up several times over the years, and people need to save money where they can. For this reason, you see many people buying gold-plated items such as bracelets, necklaces, and rings. The reason is simple: you can get the same look for less money by using these metals rather than sterling silver or other more expensive metals. Here are some advantages of using gold plated materials in your jewelry making:

No corrosion:

Since the plating is made from gold, it doesn’t rust like the other metals used in jewelry making. You won’t find rust on a piece made from gold-plated sterling silver jewelry. This makes it ideal for people who love doing their craftsmanship but don’t want to take the time and the effort to do it themselves. It is also great for those people who want to be different and stand out from the crowd.

More extended durability:

Gold-plated brass jewelry lasts much longer than any other metal used in jewelry making. Not only that, but they are lighter weight and can be easily carried around if needed. They don’t have to be installed like other metals. Instead, a jewelry artist can add them to an existing design. The best thing about them is that the colors won’t fade.

Easy maintenance:

Like other metals, gold-plated brass jewelry can be cleaned with soap and water. You should never use any chemicals when cleaning either. Keep in mind, though, that certain elements can discolor your gold-plated jewelry, especially over time. So, read up on the proper cleaning procedures when you need to maintain your items.


While you could always opt for a sterling silver version of gold-plated jewelry, it is often cheaper to purchase a gold-plated alternative. For instance, it costs less than buying a single gold item. Additionally, you may not even notice the difference between a single gold item and a pair of gold-plated ones. If you enjoy wearing gold-plated jewelry, then it is a preferable option.


Gold-plated pieces plated in brass are often more durable than similar sterling silver versions. This is because of the metal’s thickness. When made of pure gold, they can usually last longer without showing the effects of tarnishing. However, they aren’t as strict as sterling silver, so it would be wise to clean them regularly. If you choose to clean them, look for an alkaline cleaner or mild dish soap to avoid damaging your jewelry.


Plated items are often made to have the same look like their counterparts. This makes them a more attractive choice for those who don’t want to give up style. For instance, gold plated brass goes with everything from casual daytime wear to formal evening wear. They can also match different outfits better than other forms of gold jewelry would. As mentioned before, they are also more durable than sterling silver.

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