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Get to know about LBSIMT College features

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LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY is one of top Management College in Bareilly. LBSIMT has quickly risen to become a top-ranked Management College, as it is led by an outstanding faculty, driven by an outstanding advisory council, and bolstered by international collaborations.

In the year 1995, LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY began offering its Management MBA programme. The Management Studies has readily created capable, knowledgeable, and dedicated professionals since its inception. To this day, the spirit of pragmatic inquiry and in-depth study of market trends has persisted. The Management programmes are structured to help potential managers develop their leadership and to enhance their organizational skills.

Aside from the standard Management curriculum, LBSIMT places a strong emphasis on guidance and therapy to help its students develop managerial excellence. The LBSIMT is top Management College in Bareilly with a fantastic place to be for those interested in a career in business management because of its new facilities and with their highly qualified workers.

LBSIMT administered well as it is a top state Management College in Bareilly in or a state-level body, a test administered by a university for MBA admissions, or a test administered by a Management College for admission to its own MBA programme.


Our Focus is on these KEY AREAS

  • Students’ analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills should be developed.
  • Instill in the students a constructive and ethical mindset.
  • Improve the communication skills of the students.
  • Place a strong emphasis on each person’s overall growth.
  • Develop a global perspective.

As LBSIMT has one of the finest infrastructures in the whole Bareilly

Bulletin boards and discussion groups are used effectively to promote academic programmed.

Wide library

The library offers a variety of knowledge-based resources to its patrons, including Reference, Bibliography, MALIBNET, DELNET, Reprography, CD-ROM Databases, Internet browsing, and e-services to our MBA students.

Today’s industries need excellent manpower, executives, and managers in order to succeed and win. It necessitates the effective management of dynamic and highly uncertain circumstances. So, naturally, it is the duty of educational institutions to cultivate a generation of great administrators, leaders, and loyal people to handle all of these activities.

We also make sure that our students are well prepared to join this volatile business environment and hold positions of prominence by combining an outstanding combination of highly skilled instructors and a distinctive teaching methodology in management Via contemporary and high-quality teaching, research, and social engagement, to develop future-ready business leaders and entrepreneurs with an analytical mindset, prepared for current and future market needs.

Our Management College has a unique mentorship programme, and to ensure that our students have enough opportunities to learn from the contemporary business world.

Their academic abilities, both hidden and visible, would be a valuable asset to any organization. Every one of our students will have a distinct academic personality, and this diversity is the true determining factor.


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