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Get The Best Treatment For Jaundice From The Best Hospital

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Do you see dark-coloured urine or have diarrhea? Do you get itchy skin or abdominal pain? If yes, then it is probable that you are suffering from jaundice. Jaundice is a condition when the flow of bile gets blocked which results in excess bile production which gets mixed in the blood. Owing to the blockage, bile in the body does not excrete completely. When there is an obstruction in the bile from the liver, then jaundice is caused. It has been surveyed that it is through gallstones which create the blockage. There are other causes of obstruction such as pancreatic cancer, tumor, inflammation, narrowing of the bile ducts, trauma and any abnormalities in the structure of an organ which are present in the birth. It is the bilirubin which is one of the by-products of bile which gives a yellow appearance on the skin of a person who is suffering from jaundice. The yellow appearance can be formed in the eyes, mucous membranes and skin. In certain cases, if you are experiencing obstructive jaundice, then you may get yellowish skin, yellowish eyes, fever and stomach pain. It is essential to treat jaundice as soon as possible. If not treated at the right time, then jaundice could be life-threatening. Get the best jaundice stomach pain treatment from the eminent multispecialty hospital. 

Major Causes Of Jaundice 

When the bilirubin is produced, jaundice can be caused due to virus infection, hepatitis A, genetic metabolic defects, chronic hepatitis B and C, certain medications and steroids. Once the bilirubin is produced, then jaundice is caused by the blockage of the bile ducts which result from swelling of gallbladder, gallstones, gallbladder cancer and pancreatic tumor. What are the prominent symptoms of jaundice? The symptoms may not be prominent to some patients who are suffering from jaundice. It may happen that the condition has been found all of a sudden in a person’s body. The severity of jaundice symptoms will come to surface when jaundice reaches the last stage. Minor symptoms of jaundice include chills, fever, change in the colour of the skin. You may also have a pain in stomach, clay-colored stool and dark-coloured urine. If the jaundice is caused due to pancreatic issues, then you may get abdominal pain. If jaundice is caused due to an infection, then you may lose your weight or have itchy skin. If jaundice has occurred due to liver disease, then you may have chronic hepatitis or acute hepatitis.

Correct Diagnosis And Treatment Of Jaundice 

Your doctor will test urine and blood which will show whether a person has conjugated jaundice or not. The serum testing which comprises complete blood count and the levels of bilirubin will let the doctors know if a person is suffering from jaundice. At times, doctors may examine the tenderness and size of the liver by doing ultrasonography. Get the jaundice treatment from the best jaundice hospital. The doctors are highly qualified and trained in treating jaundice. 

By using the latest tests and the latest medical technology, patients who are suffering from jaundice can be cured completely from jaundice under the diagnosis and treatment by the eminent doctors of the renowned hospital. 


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