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Get shaped chicken with the help of Kebab machines

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Are you planning to make your homemade chicken souvlaki with soft pita bread and fresh tzatziki sauce? If so, then what do you think you should do to impress your friends? No ideas? With this simple-to-follow Greek chicken souvlaki recipe, kebab machines you can shock your friends by adding new magic to the overall look that makes souvlaki or any chicken recipe in a unique shape. Souvlaki (skewers/ souvlaki / souvla) is one of the famous high street style foods in Greece and for no reason cooking in various Shapes is a hot trend. 

It was stuffed with fresh marinated and seasoned meat, embellished with a creamy tzatziki sauce, encased in a fresh crispy pita. What’s the best of all? It feels like paradise! But don’t you think it would be an immense budget loss if you call the whole labor for it to make souvlaki at your place? For this context, we want to introduce you to the kebab machine – also known as Skewer Machine – which can make tasty meat recipes, including BBQ on its own. Want to know what the tricks and basics are? Read this post to the bottom line.

Making Souvlaki (Shaped Chicken) in a Meat Skewer Machine:

When you have to make any chicken recipe before the cooking process, you will require two mainstream things! One – a precise chicken cut according to the dish you will make. For instance, if you are making tender pops, the cut you will require will be boneless-short pieces. And if we talk about the second thing, then it would be – marination. 

So, there are two hassles in case – you don’t want to go through these processes – at that point, Skewer Kebab Machine would be a good option. These machines hold a particular kebab box cutter that would cut the meat into precise pieces. And also handle the rest of the cooking process on its own. So, whether it is a sassy get-together or casual friends/ family party, these machines will help you a lot. 

Tips for the best Greek Chicken Souvlaki Skewers:

Here is our list of tips that we have seen professionals use to make their chicken souvlaki in a kebab machine and for you to cook it to completion from the pretty first time!

  • Firstly, it is essential to marinate the pieces or mince for at least 30 mins in the refrigerator, to absorb all the tastes from the marinade.
  • When it gets to cooking, try not to overcook them – so they become tender and Juicy. You have to ensure your souvlaki machine’s temperature must be at 165 F (74 C). 
  • Now, place your marinated chicken on the machine’s bowl-like bar and thread the pieces on the skewers. It is crucial to joint them loosely rather than bend them tightly unitedly in the kebab machine. It will let the chicken cook straight in between the chunks.
  • If you like black peppers, you could thread some of the skewers in peppers with red onion in between the kebab machine. Use the built-in kebab box cutter to cut the bunch in a precise size to help them cook through and caramelize. 
  • Now, drizzle with olive-drab oil and sprinkle salt and fresh spices over it. It is ready to be served!

Final Thoughts

Readers, the way we cook has become a bit changed. Try to stay up-to-date by walking along with the new trends!


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