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Get Quick Steps To Resolve The Issue Of WiFi Range Extender

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The wifi range extender is to boost the existing wifi speed and it takes the signal from the existing wifi router and regenerates the signal and gives you a stable, strong wifi signal. In the market many wifi extenders come like tp-link extender, rockspace extender, linksys mesh wifi extender, BrosTrend WiFi Extender and more. If you can buy a Brostrend wifi extender, it is a wire-free extender. This means the wifi range extender does not need any cable, it is directly plugged into the power circuit. The brostrend wifi extender covers the area up to 1200 sq. ft and extends the existing wifi signal. It supports 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands. At a time, it compatible up to 20 networking devices such as smartphones, wifi router, laptop, wireless printer and more.

The brostrend extender setup process is easy, every user easily Setup the range extender with the help of WPS button. This extender provides stable connectivity with the 1200 mbps. With the range extender, users enjoy seamless wifi coverage in the whole home and office. But sometimes, while using the wifi range extender some issues come, such issues can be resolved manually.

Can’t connect the extender to the computer with wirelessly connection

If your wifi range extender does not connect the computer with the wirelessly, to resolve the issue you connect the extender to the computer with the help of wired connection. In the wired connection you need the ethernet cable. Firstly, place the extender near the computer. Power off both the device computer and range extender. Take an ethernet cable and locate the ethernet port of the extender and computer. The extender backside has four ethernet ports. You can also use one ethernet port to attach the ethernet cable. One end of the ethernet cable plug in the extender and other end of the cable plug in the computer. Power ON both the devices. The computer screen displays the message, the extender is connected to the computer.

Not access the login page of the wifi range extender

If you use the wifi range extender for extender the wifi range in the whole home, but the login page of the extender can’t be accessed. There are some issues in it, so you can login without any hassle in this way. For this, you will have to use a web browser. You can connect the extender to the computer, wired or wirelessly. Launch the web browser on this device which is connected to the extender. In the browser URL bar type re.brostrend.com, hit enter button. After a while, the login page appears on the screen. If you want to login, you can easily login with the help of default username ID and password.

Not provide stable wifi signal

If you use the extender to eliminate the dead zone in the home or office, but it does not provide a stable or better wifi signal, so you can easily resolve the issue. Firstly, make sure the wifi range extender is nearby the wifi router. The extender properly connects the router, you can use the WPS button for connecting the extender to the router. The extender is placed in the Ventilated area. No more than 100 devices should be added to the extender at one time. You can check the firmware update time-to-time.

Reset wifi range extender

If the range extender does not work properly and also comes with some issue in it, you can reset the extender to resolving the issue. The reset of the extender is very simple and effortless. Every user easily reset the extender through the reset button. For this, locate the reset button. The reset button is on the backside of the extender. Plug the extender into the power circuit and turn on the button. Also Press the reset button for 10-15 seconds. After that release the button and orange light turn to indicate. This means the reset of the wifi extender is successful.

Final words

The wifi range extender is a tremendous device for extending or boosting the wifi signal in the long-distance area. It is also easy to connect the wifi router for using the wirelessly or wired connection. You can simply resolve the issue without any hassle. It is also a versatile device that removes dead zones and says goodbye to the buffering. The setup of the extender is quick using the WPS button. I also use this device and it resolves many wifi problems. In the eventually, it is a great device to extend the existing wifi range.

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