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Get pets with OSRS gold

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Here’s how you can finally get your first pet in Old School Runescape.

There are a few different choices of pet for you to get in Old School Runescape. Don’t worry too much about spending OSRS gold at a pet store, as each pet has a unique way of being acquired. Before we get into how you get these pets, we will first be taking a look at what pets are actually for in OSRS.

What Are Pets in OSRS?

This might be a glaringly obvious question to ask, but they might not actually work as traditionally as you might think. They don’t really do anything bar providing a cosmetic aspect for you and your character. They aren’t earned by spending OSRS gp either, so don’t worry about having to buy OSRS gold. You will find that they come from rare drops predominantly, and they can be stored if they are skilling pets in your inventory or bank.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you happen to get a kitten, then make sure that you feed it and stroke it, otherwise it will run off! You only have to do that until it becomes an adult, and the rule doesn’t apply to the other pets.

Obtaining Pets

So now, we need to know how we get the pets themselves. The majority of them come from either skilling or bossing. We are going to be taking a look at what it takes for you to get some of the easier pets in the game to get you started.

A good place to get your first pet would be the Chompy Chick. Go and kill some chompy birds and hey presto, you have yourself a pet. Well, they have a 79% chance of offering a pet if you kill them for six hours, but the odds are still a little better than other pets. Harder pets include the Kraken, which you get for killing the Kraken boss. However, the drop rate is only 1 in 3000. Hypothetically, you could kill the boss for 10 hours and you’d still only have a 17% chance of obtaining a Kraken pet of your own. That said, if you’re looking for an alternative to finding OSRS gold for sale, then this boss is a great money maker.

The very same drop rate goes for the Baby Mole pet, for which you will need to take down the Giant Mole. 10 Hours of nonstop grinding this boss will still only grant you a 15% chance of getting the pet. Slightly lower odds are offered for the Venenatis Spiderling, which you get as a drop from Venenatis. If you can kill it every 140 seconds, then 10 hours of killing will grant you a 12.63% chance of having your own.

Lessening the odds further is the Hellpuppy that you obtain from killing Cerberus in OSRS. After 10 hours, you’ll have had an 11.9% chance of getting the pet. You’ll also need to be Slayer level 91 for this method, though it’s a great way to make OSRS gp.

What to Do After You Have a Pet

Now that you finally have your pet, you will start to notice it following you. When it does, you will also see a message appear stating that you feel like you’re being followed over in the chatbox. Be aware that if you have a follower, and your inventory is full then you won’t be able to receive the pet after all.

Where skilling is concerned, you will find that the pet takes priority over resources, and you’ll notice it in the final inventory slot. If you die whilst your pet is following or in your inventory as part of OSRS items that aren’t protected, then you will drop the pet. This means that you won’t be able to pick the pet up, it will simply wander around for about half a minute then disappear.

Thankfully, there is an alternative. Though you may have to buy OSRS gold for this, you can get your pet insured. To do so, go over to Probita, where you can spend 1,000,000 OSRS gold to get your pet back. You can also insure the pet for half this amount.

Pets may only have an aesthetic effect on your experience, but they are still a cool feature to have. The only OSRS gold you’ll part with mainly lies within insuring your pet. Aside from that, your main focus is going to be simply grinding the hours into the game so that you can get that rare drop that will give you the pet you desire.

Have you obtained any of these OSRS pets? Let us know in the comments section below!


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