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Get mercusys ac12g router solution with a perfect guide

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Mercusys ac12g router is a well-known brand in all over the world it provides you a good quality of internet speed and connection. In this router you will get many advanced features. The setup process is also too easy, In short just need to type mwlogin net in the URL box. It will redirect you to the web login portal, After login can make changes and easily complete mercusys router setup.

You can use the mercusys router for your home use, It will help to increase your connectivity with the internet by providing a reliable connection. But as we know not all the devices work the same as with a router, Not all the router built the same and not work equal. So if you are using a mercusys router and got any type of issues, Don’t need to worry we are here to fix all the issues related to the mercusys ac12g router. Here are some common problems that can be facing by users and proper solutions.

Internet connection is not working on mercusys ac12g router

These problems may be cause due to several reasons. Be sure that all the wires are properly connects and the main power is on. You can confirm it by watching the LED indicators. Need to place your router at a suitable environment and perfect location. This issue can also arise if your router has any physical damage. You can also restart your Mercusys ac12g router, Switch off from the main power button and wait for a while, Now restart it and see if it starts working, If still the issue is not solve here are some solutions that you can follow in order to fix the issue.

Solution 1

Before fixing this issue you need to access the main web portal of your router. It can be easily complete by entering the IP address of your mercusys router in the URL box and hitting on search, A new login portal will appear. Here you need to enter your username as well as password. Then proceed for login.

After successfully logging in, click on the advanced option. Here click on WAN settings and check the IP address is properly correct.

Solution 2

If mercusys ac12g router IP address is wrong

If you found that the IP Address is wrong then you need to make sure that the ethernet cable between your modem to router is properly connects. Or also can replug it and check if it’s starts working. If still not solved then, connect your system laptop,computer directly to the modem using ethernet cable, After connecting if it is showing no internet access then can also restart your modem, Or switch “OF” or “ON”. Even not solved then can contact your internet service provider. Be sure that the internet plan is not finished, If yes then renew it.

Solution 3

By using clone mac address of router

To use the mac address of your router you need to connect your desktop or laptop directly to mercusys ac12g router by using a cable. And in the same system where you connected with router, Open an browser in search bar type the IP address of your main router and search it, A login-portal will appear, Enter your credentials and enter to the main homepage. Here click on advanced option then click on Network. Now the MAC address option will appear in the clone section. Use your computer mac address and enter on save.

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Solution 4

Modify LAN IP

In the mercusys router we will use or to access the login portal of the router. But sometimes if your browser is unable to access the login page, and showing errors.

Then you can also clear the history of your web browser or also check the compatibility of your web browser.

Maybe the login page is under maintenance, wait for some time and try again.

If problems still exist, You need to change the LAN IP address of your mercusys router. It can be complete in main admin panel on your mercusys ac12g router. After login click on advance then network and after that click on LAN settings here modify it to or save it.

mercusys ac12g router update

This issue can also be arise if your router firmware is not update in time, So firstly check if update is available or not if there mercusys ac12g firmware update is available then, You can easily update by downloading firmware of your router from official website, Be sure that your router version and firmware is same, During updation don’t turn off your mercusys ac12g router.


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