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Get extended wireless networks with Rockspace local

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Are you wondering how to increase the coverage of your home Network with the Rockspace extender? Rockspace local WIFI extender extends the existing signals of your WIFI router. And it also reduces interference and provides backward compatibility. Rockspace has launched many wireless range extenders such as Rockspace AC1750, AC1200, AC2100, or many more. All the models are very excellent and compact.

Re.rockspace.local Extender features

  • It has seamless wireless technology.
  • Clearance of Dead-Zones from your home or office
  • It gives you Dual-band and tri-band access on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • You also get the speed up to 867 Mbps and WPS setup facility
  • With its Multi-MIMO Technology, you can connect more devices
  • The compact size of your WIFI extender can adjust itself anywhere. 
  • Moreover, you get some attractive designs and a Gigabit port facility

Re.rockspace.local setup using a web browser

Do you want to set up your wireless range extender wirelessly? Then go for Re.rockspace.local repeater set up through a web browser. The first requirement is to go for the setup process, connect your extender to the power supply source. 

  1. Connect your configuration device to the WIFI network name. It is also called the SSID of your network. The SSID can be similar to ‘Re.rockspace_XXX 5GHz’. 
  2. It is your 5GHz antenna’s network of the wireless extender. It also supports another 2.4 GHz network. 
  3. If it is your first-time connection to this network, it will not have any security requirements. No password is needed to go ahead.
  4. Launch a web directory on your device communicating to the router and enter the IP address or type the web domain Re.rockspace.local and click the enter key.
  5. You will now be redirected to the login page. Here you will be asked to enter the default login credentials.  
  6. Once you are on the Rockspace local login or the authority verification page, enter the word admin in the username and password in the password field. In the end, you should tap on the Login tab.
  7. The main Re.rockspace.local configuration page of your router will appear here. Scroll up and visit the setup option. Select the option [Extend an existing wireless network], and go ahead.
  8. You can now see the options with WIFI network names. You have to opt for an option that suits your network name only. 
  9. Here, you need to enter a password. And then tap on the ‘Next’ key. On the login page, change or replace the username and password of your 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. 
  10. Enter a password for your Rockspace WIFI extender setup network. It can be different from that of your main WIFI router.
  11. Click on next. You will reach the next page. Enter the word admin as the username and password for added security. In this way, one can never mess with your extender’s configurations.
  12. Again tap the next option, and you get the settings in the above steps. Once confirmed, click on the [Finish] button to end the Rockspace local process. 

Do you want to bookmark this configuration page? Then click on the [OK] button. Now, your Rockspace WIFI extender setup completes. Your range extender will reboot in 2 minutes. And it will prepare for use. Go and connect your devices with a WIFI network for a long time.

Re.rockspace.local setup through the WPS button

  1. Make sure you have positioned your Rockspace WIFI extender in the same room where you have placed the router. 
  2. Never forget to connect it to the power source. 
  3. Press the WPS button available on either side of your Rockspace WIFI range extender. 
  4. Without any delay, press the WPS button on the router also. T
  5. Perform the above-elaborated steps within two minutes.
  6. Wait for the green LED on your range extender to turn solid. 
  7. Once your router establishes a connection with your wireless range extender, the LED will light green. 
  8. Now you are free to remove your Rockspace local WIFI extender.
  9. And then, position it in a location where you have less or no WIFI coverage.
  10. Login to your WIFI extender and verify the network.

Re.rockspace.local common setup queries

  • Rockspace extender is not able to connect
  • Rockspace local is not working. 
  • And, Rockspace local AC1200 via Smart setup wizard
  • How to get ap.setup and smart setup wizard
  • My Rockspace wifi extender is not working
  • My WIFI extender is having no internet access
  • Rockspace wifi extender flashing orange LED
  • Why is my Rockspace wifi extender losing WIFI connection
  • Rockspace ap.setup wizard is not opening
  • Rockspace wifi extender flashing no light
  • Failed to access Re.rockspace.local 
  • I cannot access my Re.rockspace.local extender login page

You can adjust your Rockspace local device, anywhere in your home. You can manage the settings of your WIFI extender using the ap.setup wizard. The following are the related topics to Rockspace extender setup and Rockspace local, etc. 


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