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Get Cosmetic Dentist Seattle Services From Smiles On 35th

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These days, people are very well aware of their oral and dental health. But still, people face situations where they have to bear intolerable dental pains. In these cases, it becomes important for them to go and take treatment from a dentist. Today, there are several dentists, and dental health care centers are available. So, whenever you bear dental discomfort, you must always get yourself checked with dentists. But if you don’t know which dentist would be suitable for you, then you must opt for the one who can treat you in a way that is comfortable for you. One such dentist could be easily found at Smiles On 35th. Dr. Rubecca Shahid is a cosmetic dentist Seattle that you need. She has been treating people for several years now. The experience displayed through her professional as well as personalized ways of treatment can easily make your dental appointments less uncomfortable. With Smiles On 35th,

you can get the following dental treatments:

1. General Dentistry: Cavity treatment, oral hygiene, regular checkups, and many more are the general services from Smiles On 35th. So, you can get an appointment and deal with your general oral care need with Smiles On 35th.

2. Cosmetic Dentistry: Smiles On 35th believes that a confident smile can boost your confidence. Whether it is teeth whitening Seattle, shaping your teeth, or any other, Dr. Rubecca Shahid can do it all for you. So, if you want to improve your confidence and need a beautiful smile, then you must go to Smiles On 35th.

3. Crowns & Bridges: If you need a substantial solution for rotten and decayed teeth, then Smile On 35th can provide the treatment required. With the help of crowns & bridges, you can get rid of missing or broken teeth and have a better experience.

4. Dental Implants: Apart from veneers Seattle, Smiles On 35th can also provide dental implant services to you. This can be a solid solution for replacing your old rotten and decayed teeth with new ones. It is a much better treatment to get a completely new pair of teeth.

5. Oral Surgery: Whether you are going through complex or simple oral problems, Smiles On 35th can take care of it. Dr. Rubecca Shahid can perform root extraction surgeries if required to extract complex and malfunctioning tooth roots.

6. Orthodontics: If you need to align the misaligned teeth with the help of safe and clear aligners, then you must go to Smiles On 35th.


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