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Get Bobst media 100 folder gluer

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With the help of Bobst media 100 folder gluer, it becomes possible to efficiently organize Gluing brochures, copies, issuing manuals, documentation. Its choice depends on many factors, the main one of which is the estimated volume of the binding. Therefore, before selecting equipment, it is worth knowing some features and the principle of operation of this printing equipment.

  • Features of The International Folder Gluer

Seamless adhesive bonding is in demand in the modern market since this technology has undeniable advantages — high speed of operation, relatively low costs for consumables, and easy equipment operation. One kilogram of glue will be enough to glue 840 books up to 1 cm thick (with average quality). The exact amount will be needed for gluing 240 books with a double run. If you pre-process the spine, then with good quality, you can glue it 200-300 books.

The types of materials for covers can now be very different, up to dense plastic. To work with rigid types of paper, it is necessary to use a unique adhesive that guarantees the reliability of the bond.

  • Efficiency

Sometimes the performance column indicates the number of cycles per hour. The actual performance depends on the skills of the operator who works on hot-glue equipment. For small and medium-sized print shops, performance indicators at the same level will be sufficient. 300–320 books per hour. For office equipment, these figures may be lower, for example-100 books per hour.

Almost all hot glue machines have the function of gluing blocks together without a cover. This function is essential because it allows you to glue together tear-off forms and brochures. Manufacturers usually indicate this possibility in their equipment specifications.

  • The Function of Dust & Smoke Extraction

Dust extraction ensures a strong bond, as paper dust does not get into the glue thanks to the vacuum system. As for smoke extraction, the built-in hood must be integrated into any ventilation system. When working with low-quality glue, the smoke level of the room is often exceeded. So, this function is beneficial for equipment that is located in the office.

Folding and gluing machines are equipment that provides final technological operations in the production of packaging products. Buy International folder gluer and start creating excellent & long-lasting packing commodities.


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