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Get an Early Start On Your Tax Refund with Online Taxes

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It’s finally time to start planning for next year. The first day of the 2020 tax season is coming up, and if you’re using online taxes to file your taxes this year, it can give you an early start on getting that big refund back.

The first day to file taxes of the 2021 filing season will most likely be on Jan. 27th, 2021 – that’s when the IRS will start accepting and processing 2020 tax year returns. If you use online taxes in 2019 to file your 2020 return, then you can get a head start on filing your 2021 return as well!

If you prefer to file with paper, the first day of filing will most likely be on Jan. 28th, 2021. Now that we know when the first date is for 2020 tax returns, it’s time to start planning ahead! There are several things you can do now in order to get ready by next year:

Make sure all your forms and documents are together so they don’t get lost over the holidays. Get organized – keep track of receipts throughout January. Check out our blog posts for more information about how online taxes work or where to find free online income tax software! You can even check here if there are any upcoming deadlines.

Our first post of the year will be about how to file your 2018 taxes online, so stay tuned! We hope this information has been helpful and we wish you a happy new year as well as the best results with filing for 2020 tax returns!

Online tax filing allows you to submit your taxes on the first day to file taxes season and receive your refund as soon as possible. Customers who already have an account will be able to import their prior year’s data more quickly. It’ll only take a few minutes for those with basic tax issues to start putting everything together that the IRS needs to file your return.

Both services provide a free file option for simple returns, as previously said. You can also submit some extra documents and forms with this choice. H&R Block’s free service, on the other hand, provides more forms and schedules coverage. It also allows you to submit multiple state tax returns for free.


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