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Gear up your protection level while cleaning up any structure

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The facade cleaning-cradle is one of the most important platforms that can be used while doing the work of constructing, painting, renovating, repairing as well as cleaning-up any building. It is the most essential platform you need for providing an easy access to the elevated site and without this you cannot have an easy access to the same site. Still, you need to have few important considerations in your mind to get highest level of protection while working or operating on the similar type of cradle.

Suspension equipment

You need to make use of suspension equipment for easily allowing your workers to stay-suspended & finish up the work at different heights easily. The suspended platform cradle system is mainly used by the painters, window washers and building cleaners to work hands free along the vertical-surface and stay hung during the task at an elevation. However, you need to use entire system for increasing the protection level with harness & similar other systems to let your workers safe on the suspension platform.

Body harness & anchorages

These two things are the most essential for the temporary suspended platform & designed primarily by the experts to entirely stop or inspect the fall of the workers from cradle or a gondola on which they need to work. It is kind of a personal protection system from the sudden fall and comprises of amazing blend of multiple components. In today’s scenario, few systems are providing enough features to active the safety lock as soon as the threat observed or a fall in sensed.

Retrieval System

Part of a safety plan for many companies and also the integral part of fall protection plan. This sort of system can allow your workers to retrieve them while falling down without taking any risk or letting any injuries to happen to the workers who are standing below or doing their work. This also helps the rescuers to sense any sort of misfortune by retrieving the workers.

Customizing options

For better optimisation of productivity and accessibility, you can customize the designing features to easily fit the cleaning structure up to the height of 22 feet in diameter. By doing so, you can give better safety to your support staff from directly falling down. Your support staff members can inspect each & everything inch by inch, cat every single flaw that could generate bigger issues if not taken seriously. You can also, allow your crew members to adjust the overall size of elevated platform by customizing the outer panels and this will result in increasing accessibility & better transition between multiple widths of the structure to be cleaned.

The cradle system is meant to carry at most 2 people at a time while moving the trolley and you can’t increase its length, but if you really need it then you can go ahead with the modular one that comes in different variety of sizes, and pieces and its length can be increased from the 1.5 metres to the 12.2 metres or 40 ft. The trending modularly designed suspended platforms can be easily suspended from every type with better alternatives for the suspension.

You can apply these alternative strategies to your cleaning solutions to have better safety for the staff and can be best suited for the complex and smaller size of facades.


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