Future of Digital Marketing in India

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As we all know that people are getting aware of the importance of digital marketing. Almost

all businesses have started introducing/ promoting themselves online. The Internet is

reaching remote locations of India which is a plus point for it. Institutions are recognising the

power of digital marketing and have started the course for the same. Due to the pandemic

businesses are promoting/ advertising digitally because people are spending almost 12

hours a day on digital platforms. The future of digital marketers in India is very bright.

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Demand of digital marketers is very huge but when it comes to supply it is very less.

When we take a look at offline marketing businesses can reach a limited audience but not in

the case of digital marketing. It can reach unlimited audiences with less investment.

The Government of India has already taken initiative and is promoting digital India, which

means that the digital marketing industry will grow further in future.

Digital marketing has many different aspects like copy, design, technology, social media,

marketing, finance, and business development. Therefore, with the growth of digital

marketing, all these aspects will also grow. There will be many jobs available in these

sub-sectors, and students can make strong long-lasting careers.

By 2023, the number of active Indian internet users will reach almost 666 million. According

to Goldman Sachs report, digital marketing career scope in the Indian market will be worth

$160B by 2025, which is three times the current value.

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If you are a digital marketer or want to get into digital marketing, your salary growth will

heavily depend on your skills. You have to run along with the industry and update yourself to

be successful. The day you stop learning, the day you stop growing in this fast-paced

industry. What makes digital marketing such an exciting area for study and work is the

lightning pace at which it is changing. New technologies, apps, and devices are changing the

way we market to consumers quickly. There is so much widespread advancement that it is

bringing in many benefits. To truly know the importance of digital marketing, you should

know about the benefits of different areas.

Digital marketing has immense scope in India. It has the power to help businesses grow and

tap into potential customers at a fraction of the price. It also gives students a chance to make

creative and technical careers that pay well and have many opportunities to grow.

Digital marketing is going to revolutionise the industry, and now is the right time to be a part

of this revolution.The digital marketing industry has many career opportunities. The great

thing about these careers is that they cover a wide spectrum of skills and competencies, so

you can choose from a wide variety of careers that suit you best.

Many private institutions and universities in the country have also begun offering courses

and degrees that focus on different aspects. So, getting a career will not be difficult.

Change is an integral part of life. It’s more applicable to digital marketing. You must strive to

embrace new technologies if you want to stay successful in the market.


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