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Fun Body Sock Activities That Kids Would Love

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One of the important steps towards overall child development is to take their motor skills into consideration. One of the most effective ways to do it is through sensory toys. Whether it be Squeeze Bean Fidget Toy or any other. They specifically target to stimulate the senses of the child. One such surprising toy is Body Sock. Most kids are fascinated to work with the body sock, when used the effective way it can reap great benefits.

Learning Alphabets 

When we used a sensory body sock, this was another favorite of mine and the kids. Again, unless the child is under close adult supervision and can easily get out of the sock, make sure the child’s head and neck are outside of the body sock. Allow the child to lie down on the floor. Call-out an alphabet letter and have the child move their body to form the letter on the floor. Some simple ones, to begin with, add some more difficult ones and see if they can figure out how to move their bodies with the resistance of the body sock.


Hold some different yoga positions in addition to the obvious extension position of hiding your head inside the body sock and stretching all your limbs out like a 5-point star.

Try down dog or child pose, tree pose, and a sun salutation sequence while wearing the body sock to see how it feels. While performing some yogi breathing exercises, try to maintain the corpse position (Shavasana) all stretched out, still, and relaxed.


Kids Play simple games like hiding and seek or peek-a-boo with one another. Get a group together and make it social with a few body socks to share. While wearing a body sock, play traditional games such as Simon Says, Marblemash, Mother May I, or Red Light / Green Light.

Twister is a game that you should try! Pretend you’re a popcorn kernel and begin by curling up into a kernel (ball) and “pop” out all four limbs when you hear the “word of the day” or the music stops, etc.


Incorporate a body sock into the course of a relay race. Set up a relay or obstacle course with the body socks if you have more than one child. If you only have one body sock, have each child enter and exit the body sick as they begin and end their turn so that the next child can use it. This is also useful for figuring out how to get in and out while pushing against the fabric. To race, run, or hop across the lawn, use the body sock as you would a pillowcase or potato sack.

One of the key aspects is to make the most out of the body sock to see the desired result. This is why along with choosing the right body sock along with the right way to use it is very important rather than necessary.

Source: What Are The Most Exciting Ways To Use Body Sock?


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