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FRP Tanks vs Polyethylene: Which One To Choose?

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When it comes to storage tanks, there are lots of options out there for materials. Depending on your needs and storage goals, you may be more interested in different materials, such as polyethylene, or stainless steel. However, a storage tank not to be overlooked is FRP. Short for fiber-reinforced plastics, FRP is a powerful material that can make a great choice for a wide variety of storage tank needs. When it comes to finding good quality tank manufacturers, consider investing in one who knows their way around fiber-reinforced plastics. FRP tanks have some interesting and helpful features that can really make them worth your while. Tanks made from FRP are known for providing impressive resistance in the face of tensile forces, which can make them a sturdy option for environments where tensile stress will be high. Additionally, potable water tanks generally have a good quality corrosion resistance.

This is incredibly important when looking to store one of the many corrosive chemicals out there. Chemicals that will be prone to corroding tanks are used in a variety of industries and can be incredibly helpful. However, they can absolutely be tricky to store. In order to work with corrosive chemicals safely and effectively, it is key to choose a storage tank that is made from corrosion-resistant materials, such as fiber-reinforced plastics.

Looking for more reasons to consider FRP tanks? One of the big upsides is definitely how customizable and versatile fiber reinforced plastics tanks can. Fiberglass tanks show up in a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to water storage, the brining of food products, electroplating, wood pulp, and the treatment of wastewater.

Fiberglass tanks can be customized with a variety of features, all depending on your unique storage needs. Will your fiberglass tank be encountering UV light that could potentially cause the tank to degrade? Never fear,  the option of adding UV protective gelcoats is here. Does your team need to be able to use the roof of the tank in order to keep facility upkeep running smoothly? Consider investing in adding a ladder to your storage tank. Worried about potential drainage issues, perhaps because you are looking to store a dry or otherwise difficult-to-drain product? A tank constructed with a sloped bottom may be just the ticket.

The key to finding the right fiberglass tank to fit your needs lies in finding the right fiberglass tank manufacturers, who can work with you in order to narrow down the style of storage tank that will give you the best long-term results. Here at Belding Tank, our motto is “quality is our standard, customer service is our specialty”, and we look to live up to that motto and more with every customer we see.


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