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From Belts to Weightlifting Clothing: Gift Ideas for Bodybuilders

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It can be tricky to get gifts for a hardcore bodybuilder, whether it’s for the holiday season, birthday, or just because you care. Often, because they have been in the iron sport for some time, you want to focus not on getting them something they don’t have but upgrading what they do have. Premium weightlifting clothing is always a great option, as they can always use more gym clothes. Here are some more gift ideas for the hardcore bodybuilder in your life.

Help Them Feel Part of the Community with Weightlifting Clothing

Weightlifters help raise each other up, encourage each other, provide a spot on heavy lifts, and trade tips, tricks, and iron stories. With the right lifting clothes, they can feel like they’re part of a global bodybuilding community. This depends on the brand, however. For example, the premium brand GASP represents the no-compromise bodybuilding lifestyle. Wearing the same brand signifies they are part of the community. Plus, the best lifting clothes are designed to fit the modern bodybuilder’s physique. This means the clothes are effortlessly comfortable without being boxy or baggy. When their lifting clothes fit right, your recipient can focus more on their workout.

Throw in Some Lifting Straps with Their Weightlifting Clothing

Lifting straps can help a weightlifter get a better grip, enabling them to potentially lift more weight without worrying about the bar slipping. The right lifting straps can make all the difference when doing deadlifts or any heavy pulling movement. They help with heavier reps, so lifters can truly test their full strength without their hands holding them back. If your hardcore bodybuilder doesn’t have straps, they are missing out. If they have straps, they might need an upgrade to a better, more durable pair of straps to keep up with their intensity.

Protect Their Back with a Lifting Belt

Much like lifting straps, a lifting belt is an essential part of any weightlifter’s toolkit. For any bodybuilder who likes to dabble in powerlifting, a lifting belt can help support them while attempting their next PR, which helps prevent injuries and helps keep their core stable. Not all lifting belts are created equal, however, and if they don’t have a leather belt, it’s time for an upgrade. Leather lifting belts mold to their body over time, providing a stronger, more customized feel. It’s sure to be one of their favorite accessories in their duffel bag.

Carry Weightlifting Clothing and Accessories in a Duffel Bag

It might be time for your bodybuilder to get a new duffel bag. After all, they need something to throw their stringer tank tops in both before and after a challenging workout. The key is to get a waterproof duffel, just in case a water bottle or shaker cup springs a leak during transit. Plus, with a good duffel, they can take those stringer tank tops and other accessories on the road with them when they travel.

About GASP

If you’re a bodybuilder who lifts heavy, raises the bar, and leaves it all in the gym, GASP creates bodybuilding clothing for you. No matter if you’re training for your first competition or you’ve been in the iron sport for years, GASP’s premium T-shirts, gym shorts, stringer tank tops, and accessories will help you meet your goals. GASP’s bodybuilding apparel is unlike anything else on the market. Other apparel brands might just take regular T-shirts and order extended sizes, while GASP gets their designs right by working closely with real athletes. They keep the modern bodybuilder’s physique in mind when designing lifting clothes, creating an undeniable fit that shows off your hard-earned physique. The brand aims to bring people from all walks of life to the bodybuilding community, making it more inclusive. If you’re looking for weightlifting clothing that fits well and looks good too, choose GASP.

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