French is much easy to learn than English, How?

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Irrespective of what the reasons may be, learning a second language can always be fun and rewarding. The process though can be challenging but is always exciting and joyous. There could be an end number of languages that you would want to learn, however, people who are fluent in English or their mother tongue can find learning French much easier. This is primarily because English-speaking natives naturally achieve better and faster alphabetical wordings of French as compared with other scripts like Japanese or Chinese.

French is a world language, spoken by over 200 million people all over the world. Learning French online also allows you access to huge opportunities all over the world. When compared to English, French is much easier to learn. It is especially one of the easiest European languages to learn. In several ways, it is even easier than learning English.

But why and how is French much easier to learn than English?

French and English both the languages share common alphabets and a majority of the vocabulary. The truth is that English has more in common words and vocabulary with French than any other language.

So, one great advantage with English speakers is that they already have a head start in French vocabulary. It’s easier to be familiar with French spellings, pronunciations, and their meanings. This is what makes French the easiest language to learn.

  • French does not let you get hung up in the past, it’s simple

When we talk in English, there is a lot of different vocabulary, implications, nuances, and subtitles we can use. But, in french it’s simple and just one. For example, when you say – I have done, I use to do, I had done and more…in French, it is just j’ai fait. Similarly saying I was doing, I have been doing and similar is one simple vocabulary in the French language –  je faisais.

  • French verbs are the easiest as compared to other European languages like German, Spanish and Italian

In the English language, verbs are pretty simple, no matter who does them with an exception of him or her – the person speaking. But in French, the verbs might look different but are spoken almost the same way. So online French classes services helps you to understand the language, you just will need to learn one verb and the rest will follow automatically.

  • French gender patterns are easy

This is one of the biggest challenges that English speakers face while learning French – every world in French has its gender. But, it’s not difficult at all.

HE: All words ending with -age, -ment, -il, -ail, -eil, -euil, -eau, -eu, -er, -oir, -isme, -ing, -ard, -am, -um, -em, -it, -est, -an, -and, -ent, -in, -int, -om, -ond, -ont, -ème, or ège, is usually male.

SHE: All words ending with -tion, -sion, -son, -ure, -ude, -ade, -ée, -té, -ière, -euse, -ance, -ence,or -ie, is usually female.

  • As you progress, French only gets easier

The newest language we learn starts easy and gets harder, as we progress. But French is just the opposite. It may seem hard in the beginning but as you progress, it gets simple and simpler, and especially if you speak English.

As you keep learning, advanced French has a lot of similar words and vocabulary to English, if not identical – Decision in French is a decision, and direction is direction.

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