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Free Online Remove Background from Image

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Removing or changing the background of an image is one of the most important functions of image editing. It might have been tried in other image editors such as Photoshop, but in ImgKit it is very simple and it takes only 3 seconds to remove the background. The background is part of the entire screen. It is located between the main image and the object.

Imgkits BG Remove is an AI-based tool that is ideal for removing backgrounds. Background Remover is a free tool that replaces the background of an image with a white transparent background. Images with white backgrounds, solid colors, and high-contrast backgrounds work well.

There are many reasons to remove the background from a photograph – to clear clutter, to clean up a product image – to display a cropped object or a person in the background, or to use a new layer design. We see a lot of everyday applications for background deletion: YouTube thumbnails, Instagram stories, shopping posts of my choice, and, of course, product photos.

Imgkits have access to our automatic background eraser. It’s really easy and fast, and with Imgkit you can then further optimize your deletion by repainting parts of the background or using the eraser to remove just a bit more. For photos with a single layer, simply click Remove from the Background Tools menu.

How to Remove Backgrounds from Images

Step1: Select photo

Free Online Remove Background from Image
Free Online Remove Background from Image

To get started, search for and save the image you need on your computer. It should contain a white or gray or even otherwise complex background. But if your image has a transparent background, you won’t need to use this tutorial. If it has a white or colored background, then you can eliminate it with imgkits’ background remover.

Step2: Automatic remove the background

Free Online Remove Background from Image
Free Online Remove Background from Image

After uploading your photo, just wait patiently for a few seconds and you will have a transparent image with the background removed, these can be used for various occasions. Keep in mind that you can use this tutorial to remove any image or picture you find on the Internet. But it is for personal use only.

Step3: Download images

When the picture background is successfully removed, you can change the background color you need on the download page to enrich your photos. If you only need a transparent picture, click “Download” on it!


That is what I mean when I say ‘transparent background’. That is what it means to have a completely transparent background.


If you search for a saved image that you can use in a design board or other project. You will find several different file types. If you find an image with a transparent background. You know that it is an area surrounding the image, and the pattern is a small gray square around the image. Mostly it is a JPEG with a continuous white background.


I have played around with a lot of different programs to make wallpapers, and I do. If the background of an image is monochrome white or in another color. I design it so that it does not have a transparent background. If you place the image like any other image on a colored background, you will see a white field around it.


There is a super simple method that I have been using for years if you think you need fancy computer software and graphic design skills to give photos a transparent background. Today I want to show you how to remove background with ImgKit. This not only makes it easy to assemble fancy design boards but is also helpful when you need to create party invitations. Flyers, or decorative cutouts. Even if you are a blogger, not being able to remove the background is a handy skill.

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