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France Ski Package – The Whats And Ifs To Plan The Perfect Trip

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A France ski package is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, family, and friends. The Alps in France were out of bounds for most till a couple of years back, mostly the adventurous and brave-hearted people taking a chance to go skiing here. That is not the story anymore.

If you have the right tour operator curating a ski package for you, a momentous skiing experience awaits you at the French Alps. The place has lots of choices and options to offer. That is why it is good not to design a DIY tour package for the French Alps. Rather, you can look up the best tour operators having experience of years to offer you exceptionally high-end France ski packages.

Things to Remember During Your French Ski Tour Package:

  1. The French Alps have some excellent luxurious ski chalets and resorts. You can enjoy excellent gourmet food with the finest dining and skiing experience.
  2. Another top thing about the Alpine slopes in France is that they are green and quite family-friendly.
  3. There are many popular and top-of-the-line resorts here that provide the right atmosphere to relax and rejuvenate. You get the best of the hotel and resort brands here, with some having excellent locations. For example, there is Chamonix located at the foot of Mont Blanc. Besides, the resort is located at the junction of Switzerland, Italy, and France. Or Morzine, located in the Portes du Soleil area, is ideal for families as it is the largest skiing location in Europe. There are many more, and an expert tour operator from the local region can guide and help you with an extensive choice list.
  4. Once the resort or the place of stay is decided, your tour operator will help you pick the transportation, ski equipment, and lift passes
  • You can reach the French Alps by car, train or flight. The choice of car is great to enjoy the locales around, but it should be chosen when time is not a constraint. You pass through the Eurotunnel, which takes about 35 minutes to cross.
  • You can take the train to reach the Alps. The train journey too gives you beautiful insight into nature’s beauty all around. You can catch the train from Geneva, Lyon or Paris.
  • To take the air route for your France ski package, you can take the flight from any city that is connected to Geneva.

5. Picking the ski equipment
Your tour operator is going to take care of the equipment. You will need to mention your weight, height, and knowledge level of skiing. If you are planning to visit the French Alps regularly, it is best to buy the ski equipment.

6. The lift passes to the ski resort gets arranged by the tour operator.
7. The best time to go for the France ski package is during Christmas, Easter holidays, or February. If you wish not to get into crowds, January is the best time but also the coldest. February is the best month as you get snow and the blue sky


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