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Four Major AC Problems Caused Due to Leaky Air Ducts

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An air conditioner in your home is certainly a big relief because you don’t have to worry about the outdoor heat in that case. Central cooling systems are an ideal alternative to cool large places and multiple rooms because these types of air-conditioning system have air ducts to provide the desired temperature in different rooms at the same time. But there’s one thing you should know about central AC that the ductwork must be kept in a good condition. Excessive debris in air ducts might result in frequent malfunctions, forcing you to hire AC repair Oakland Park services.

Coming to the point, we are here talking about four such problems which are caused by leaky air ducts. Though, it’s not a big deal to fix the leaky ductwork, but still, it’s better to let the experts of AC repair Oakland Park do this for you. Without wasting much time, let’s explore what major problems are caused because of the leak in the air ducts.

1. Sometimes, an air conditioner starts producing a hissing sound, which is really very annoying. Such a noise coming from an air-conditioning system is generally an indication that there’s a leak in the ductwork. It won’t initially cause much problem, but later, it might even result in a complete breakdown. So, as soon as you get to know about it, find and fix the leaking spot.

2. Not just the sound that irritates, but it can also have an impact on the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner if air ducts have some leaks. Basically, it is highly unlikely to for a cooling system to function efficiently with multiple leaks in air ducts.

3. Another issue caused because of the leaky ductwork is that your air conditioner will take a longer time to provide the desired temperature in your home, which is also annoying. As a result, you will be required to pay a large amount of money in the form of air-conditioning bills.

4. Water leakage is also a common issue associated with leaking air ducts. When the conditioned-air leaks, it starts producing ice on the ductwork, which melts and starts leaking inside the room.


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