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Four Key Tips For Finding Workable Anti Aging Skin Care Products

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Whenever the discussion of choosing anti aging skin care products, the danger of being buried alive remains always there. It looks as if every brand is pumping a new “miracle” product that will eat years of face defects in a jiffy.

The youth population brings big business. Cosmetic and skin whitening cream manufacturers realize that people can spend their savings only to get their 20s’ look again. This is a fact that an average face-lift in the USA has gone over $5,000? Yes! Cosmetic surgery is sucking billions of dollars every year.

So, if I ask you, can you afford millions of your savings for a facelift? Probably no!.

Therefore, anti aging skin care products come to the rescue. For less than 5K, a beauty enthusiast can use creams for non-surgical yet stunning results. So, you can bring out $60-100 dollars to get those results. However, sadly, most of the money gets wasted.

Major anti aging skin care treatments mostly don’t work. Manufacturers offer it through untrustworthy marketers who are milking money by misleading youth and normal aged people.

So, is this the end of the road? Should we surrender to sags and wrinkles forever?

In comes the golden nugget: Knowledge!

If you know what you’re looking for, you can dig the gems out of the trash. There is an effective anti-aging skin care product. Indeed, there could be more than one!

That is the focus of this article. Giving you some basic smart-shopping advice on how to ensure that your anti-aging skin care product is the “elixir of youth” paid for.

Tip #1: Skip The Fragrance/Smell

Avoid beauty niche products that promise “smell like a rose”. You might get that smell, but with continuous usage, your skin won’t remain like this. The chemicals applied to ‘manufacture’ those fragrances contain toxins in them. Since human skin is porous, the toxins enter into the bloodstream and skin, which harms your skin in long-term harm.

Also, choose to use deodorant in different ways. Use cologne, perfume, or body-spray and appear refreshing.

But wait! Aren’t you saying there are also toxins things? Yes, they are. However, the only difference is that with an anti aging skin product, you massage those toxins into the face while covering a big surface area.

The fragrances involved in body sprays and perfumes are released in tiny droplets over your small body areas. It’s a MASSIVE difference.

Tip #2: Demolish the Collagen Deception

Yes, you read it right! Avoid anti aging skin care products that tout “collagen” on their label. Those body care products manufacturers are looking for suckers. Ditch them and don’t be fooled.

One of the primary reasons our skin begins to age, droop, and wrinkle is because the collagen in our skin breaks down. This is a proven scientific fact.

Manufacturers would have you believe that by using a collagen-containing product, you will “rebuild” those layers. These so-called “collagen” products are not only spurious (you’d get better results spreading yogurt on your face), but they are also usually grossly overpriced.

Hogwash. Fiddlesticks. Hooey.

Molecules of Collagen are too big to inculcate when applied to the skin surface. Rather than attempting of getting collagen from the outside, you should encourage collagen to auger from the inside out.

You can do this through an anti aging skin care product that contains organic and specialized products, which are proven to instigate your body to make its OWN collagen.

body care products manufacturers

Tip #3: Be “Celebrity Tax” Exempt

In the world of the billion-dollar skin care industry, everything revolves around marketing. So, how will you convince the audience to select your particular brand with X Ingredient? Isn’t it a surprise that most skin care and body care products manufacturers spend a healthy budget on marketing, instead of researching and developing their apt products?

Smart professionals realize if they can bring a model or contract a renowned celebrity for their promotion, it doesn’t matter whether the item works. People will blindly buy it only on the celebrity’s faith.

For instance, think of a known celebrity promoting a “hot” skin care item? Think of any Proactive Solution skin care products. They have hired Vanessa Williams, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, P.Diddy, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Alicia Keys. All have shown faith in Proactive Solutions. While people are buying.

Who do you think paid those millions for celebrity endorsements? Yes, Proactive did…but who gives Proactive money? Ordinary people like you and me. Those marketing dollars are paid for by those who purchase the product. If you assess, there is a “Celebrity Tax” on every packet.

They are doing nothing wrong with passing the cost to the consumer, as the basic principles of business remain the same. The point here is that those millions could have been spent on research and development of making products better. So, if they had the best-researched products, they would not have to spend millions to hire celebrities.

Tip #4: Use the Less Traveled Road

We all should be firm believers of the fact that unknown skin care companies represent your best bet. In fact, in my opinion, those less-known companies are your best bet for any beauty product.

Here’s why: Those lesser renowned manufacturers can keep production costs lower (by avoiding “Celebrity Tax”), and reinvest their margins into producing a better product. It’s like If you make what is needed, customers will come.

Their products make case for themselves. Their bottom line automatically grows continually, not through celebrity endorsements and eye-catching packaging, but through happy and repeat customers.

The extra money they churn from customers is deflected into researching, developing, and producing more great products to make customers satisfied.

Ending Note

To conclude, the status quo has to be challenged. Find a smell-free anti aging skin care product that can stimulate your body’s self-production of collagen. Avoid paying for the deliberate “celebrity tax” on not-so-desirable products that make you pay for only for celebrity’s nod. Search for skincare and beauty products that will save your skin and money simultaneously.


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