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Ford Motor Assembly Line – How Slow?

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The motor assembly line is used for manufacturing steam engines, automotive engines, aircraft, electric motors and many more products. It takes a different kind of raw materials to make a motor. Most importantly, these products are manufactured with high-quality engines that are developed from the ground up. This process has made the world becomes a global village. The high-tech machines are produced in factories that are located anywhere in the world.

Motor assembly line generates steam with water vapor from the boilers to make the steam engines. It is easily built just at the Old World, it needs less power to run. It normally takes 45 seconds to make 1 ton of steaming steam engines from 1 Ton of brass and 1 Ton of steel so the production rate per minute is 1,777 tons of steel per minute. Most of the products are made by the large corporations with very less amount of labor input. Therefore, the prices are low and it helps the customers on lower budget too.


There is a need to build motor assembly line balancing problem is due to the increasing demands of the product. One of the causes is because of the development in technology. Product demand is increasing as the technology is developing fast too. The increase in product demands and the process of globalization have created a big problem in the motor assembly line balancing.

The biggest factor

What affects the motor assembly line is the change in the speed of the machines. As the speed of the machines go up, so does the amount of output. This excess amount creates pressure on the parts that are attached to the engine assembly or the conveyor belt. In order to keep the motor assembly line in balance, the conveyor belt needs to be reeled in a larger size.

The working of this particular machine is based on the principle of pulley and counterweight system. So there is always an uneven weight distribution. If one of the pulleys is not balanced, then the product will be thrown out of balance. Thus, the conveyors should be checked regularly to ensure that they are working properly. To solve this problem there are some automatic monitoring devices that are present in the motor assembly lines.

Another factor of motor

That affects the motor assembly line balancing problem is the presence of outside vibrations. These vibrations occur when the machines start or stop moving. There are several ways through which these vibrations can affect the performance of the products. If there are metal particles coming out from between the rollers, the movement will be disturbed. Thus, the next station will have a problem in balancing the conveyor belt. The main reason for this problem is when the machine is moving at the rate of 1500 rpm and if there is no back and forth movement in the next station, then the vibrations will disturb the balancing process.

However, Ford mainly uses the Ford Tractor assembly lines for the purpose of manufacturing lightweight construction vehicles. So it is very obvious that these machines are frequently used. They have been in operation since before 1950. But due to their popularity, occasionally they create problems. For example, the hydraulic cylinder in the Ford Tractor starts moving but if the alignment is wrong, the motor will start and move and sometimes the whole structure may go to tilt.

The most common assembly line malfunctions are: slip, fall, jump, hold, drop, hammer toe, loose pin, slow speed, and incomplete shift. The Ford engine produces power only when the wheels are turning. So if you apply too much force to the wheels, the result will be a lot of vibration which will also affect the production process. On the contrary, if you apply too little force, you might not notice anything wrong with your vehicle. Therefore, it is quite clear that in order to increase production rates, Ford requires regular checks on the equipment and it should be done on a regular basis.


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