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Force TWO vs Force FOUR – the notable differences.

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The Trakblaze Force™ 2&4 truck axle scales are designed to weigh truck loads with the highest accuracy, across industries like construction, transportation and mining. This compact and slimline axle truck scale requires minimum space and even weighs loads while in-motion. The Force™ is the best scale for many reasons, including the fact that it reduces and helps in utilising space needed for the scale.

The Trakblaze team understands that time is vital in every type of industrial work. Therefore, they created FORCE™ to advance the way we weigh truck loads, from traditional weighbridges to digital fleet weighing. Fleet weighing is much quicker and more accurate, allowing weighing loads in motion to save time and space.

It is now possible to simultaneously move a load from one location to another and measure the weight of the load. The truck’s speed can be increased up to 12kph, decreasing the time needed to weigh the truck loads. This can increase your overall production and profit, while decreasing the maintenance costs.

Force 2&4 are readily available in the Australian market and come with a touch screen PC controller or a rack system loaded with user-friendly Trakblaze software to navigate and measure the load. The PC interface sums individual wheel and axle loads to get the total truck weight.

So, what are the technical and notable differences between Force 2 and 4?

Force 2Force 4
Nominal pad size (L*W*H): 2000*1500*250(mm)Nominal pad size (L*W*H): 3000*2000*300(mm)
No. Of Pads: 2 or 4No. Of Pads:  4
Load Cell Type: 40t analogueLoad Cell Type: 100t analogue
No. Of Cells per Pad: 4No. Of Cells per Pad: 6
Individual Pad Capacity: 50tIndividual Pad Capacity: 150t
Total Axle Capacity: 100t or 200tTotal Axle Capacity: 600t

Benefits of Force 2&4

Accuracy of approximately ± 5% can be observed when the truck is in static mode. In contrast, approximately ±0.5% can be observed when the truck is in motion, depending on the operator and plant condition. Load Sensors are inbuilt into the scales and are positioned within the pad to measure off-centre wheel loads accurately. A calibration test press unit is also placed in both the machines to be used by local service personnel.     

There are many benefits of using Force 2&4; here are some of them:

  • These truck axle weighbridge scales have been installed using the latest technology to calculate the load through a computerized interface.
  • Generally, there are two different modes of weighing, static or in motion, which enables calculating weight either if the truck is still or if the truck is moving.
  • These truck axle weighbridges face no difficulty in weighing a total gross weight of 1200 tonnes.
  • The operator can either run the scale manually or rely on the automation of the machine in favourable conditions.
  • These trucks are mounted with individual wheel and axle weights.
  • The design & technology implanted on the machine has been obtained from Australian and German applied science.
  • An inbuilt computerised system allows easy and quick installation, onsite servicing and calibration of the Force 2&4 truck axle weighbridge scales.

Force 2 and Force 4 are designed to have unique specialities and features. The main variation between the two different machines is that they are built for different scenarios. Their technicalities are various because these machines are made to fit every requirement of industrial use. For example, Force 2 would be applicable for mini projects depending upon the budget of the project, time factor, amount of load to be transferred etc. And Force 4 may be suitable for high volume projects.

If you are interested in the FORCE 2&4 truck scales, then get in touch with Trakblaze today.


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