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Food packaging for snacking

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Food packaging for snacking in custom boxes and eating on the go during the lunch break has become a habit for the USA. The proof is that the snacking market has continued to increase in recent years to reach a turnover of 46 billion dollars in 2014. The USA still favors the sandwich because, despite the massive arrival of competing products (pizzas, hamburgers, pasta, sushi, etc.) in custom packaging for small business, its sales increased by 4% between 2015 and 2016. Its turnover has tripled in 15 years. The burger is not left out with an exponential increase in sales in 15 years: x 13! Now, 1 in 3 meals in commercial catering includes a hamburger.

If you want to open a snack bar or expand the range of your bakery, you must equip yourself with food packaging specially designed for fast food packaging. Discover without further delay our selection of packaging for snacking!


The sandwich is the most consumed on-the-go meal; it becomes essential to offer it to its customers! Whether you are a bakery looking to expand your line or a sandwich shop, you need sandwich bags. Made mostly from kraft paper, these bags will be resistant and protect your sandwich well if you have some way to go before eating your special meal. They will also be strong enough to withstand moisture or a splash of sauce. The sandwich bag can also be made of plastic. It may have a transparent window on one of the faces to highlight the sandwich.

The wrap pot Wrap pot

Halfway between the sandwich and the gazette, the wrap has established itself as a fast-food dish. It’s so quick to eat that you want more! To facilitate tasting, it is customary to cut it in half and place the two parts in a cardboard jar, taking care to show the inside of the wrap with all the ingredients.

Burgers and fries packaging

Burger-pleat pack-hamburger-packaging the hamburger continues to gain followers every year, which is why it has become a staple of fast food packaging restaurants and table service restaurants. He is (almost) always accompanied by his friends with the fries. To contain your hamburger, you have the choice: you can use a cardboard hamburger box, rigid polystyrene (EPS) shell, and organic cane fiber shell, or a Plastipak paper wrapper that will allow you to eat without getting dirty. Hands! As for the fries, you can either opt for a USA fries cone or a cardboard tray both.

The pasta pot Cardboard pasta pot

If you want to eat something other than sandwiches or burgers. But it’s just as convenient and quick, there’s nothing quite like pasta. These little cardboard boxes keep the heat in, so your customers can keep their pasta warm while they find the perfect lunch spot.

Pizza boxes100-printed-pizza-boxes

The USA consumes a lot of it every year, to such an extent that there are Italian kiosks and restaurants in all cities (or almost)! However, when it comes to transporting pizza, there is nothing better than cardboard pizza boxes. They preserve the heat, but above all, they protect the pizza from arriving intact at its destination.

The salad box cardboard salad box

To pay attention to our figure, it is recommended to eat healthily. Salad is the perfect food for not gaining weight while having fun because it is not necessary to put only lettuce, of course! The salad box is the ideal packaging for transporting a salad to the workplace or outside. It can be square, made of cardboard, and a window on the lid to show the salad ingredients. Or, it can take the form of a transparent plastic bowl that hides nothing of its contents!

Food plastic boxes plastic container with lid

If you want to take out food with other types of food, your best bet is to use clear plastic trays. They are waterproof, so you can put dishes with a lot of sauce in them without the risk of them leaking. In addition, most of them are microwaveable, which allows you to reheat and eat your food in a plastic box. And then, they are solid and therefore reusable. Several models exist, in particular boxes with a hinged cover or those with detachable cover.

Disposable tableware

Finally, do not forget the disposable dishes! How else would your customers eat? It is clear that if you are eating a salad or a pasta dish, you need cutlery. For sandwiches and burgers, a napkin will suffice. Not to mention a cup to pour in your drink. Therefore, it would be best to have all the disposable tableware your customers. They will need: plastic cutlery, cardboard plates, plastic cup, paper towel, etc. If you have a snack bar with seats, you pay less for cutlery and cups. And you won’t have to do the dishes since everything will go in the trash! If you are a food truck or other take-out restaurant, it is necessary since you will not offer stainless steel cutlery to all your customers!


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