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Follow The Trend of Wearing These Best Gemstones

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Moonstone Jewelry

The milky appearance and moon energies are the perfect blends of any gemstones preference. And Moonstone intelligently transfers the true blessings on the wearer when worn in the form of a moonstone necklace. The adularescence in different colors of this gem, such as yellow, white, peach, and rainbow, allows the beautiful reflection of light. Well, the color choice varies according to an individual’s taste, but as a matter of fact, each color is prominent in its way. And when moonstone jewelry is combined with the 925 sterling silver, it elevates your personality for special occasions.

The moonlit cleanses heart-related problems and gives mindfulness from its luminosity. Even the rough or raw form of this gem displays the light play in jewelry. And if you’re thinking about its cut, then nothing is better than cabochon, which accounts for the highest value along with faceted in the league. Be it oval, round, rectangular, or tear-shaped, the moonstone pendant and earrings come out elegant. The layers, blue sheen, and structure of this stone justifies the authenticity in accessories. 

Moldavite jewelry

Moldavite is capable of mesmerizing gem collectors at first glance. This meteorite creation is the result of a celestial event that gave absolute refreshment to your wardrobe. The adorable greenish-brown tones of this stone can beautifully stimulate your basic day into an interesting affair. Moreover, the grounding energies of moldavite jewelry suits the glam of bodycon, maxi and formal attires. The forest green shade provides confidence to complete the tasks wisely. A perfect way to feel the timeless leisure in the beautiful wonder of the Czech republic.

This fifteen years old discovery has won the hearts of designers to experiment with its versatile approach. It stands on the hardness of six, which is great but still requires some care and attention of the wearer to handle it well in the long run. Since it belongs to the asteroid impact, which led to its magical transformation, thus assures the same in individuals. It simply means that moldavite is one of the best stones to live life with the highest potential. 

Larimar jewelry

This serene gemstone is cherished for its Caribbean relevance and sea energies. The rarity and calming vibes of this stone make it the demanding variety in the gem world. If you like watery patterns, then the larimar pendant is best for you. The intricacy in this gem’s brighter and darker hues makes it the incredible choice for a hippie look. This creation facilitates a strong connection with the soul and makes the perfect gift for your loved ones. Yes, some people often call it as a stone of soul, which denotes its soulful vibration within the wearer. With blue, it even has greenish shades that might not count as desirable but still enhances the jewelry settings.

The Dominican Republic is the true representation of this stone, with the highest deposits as compared to other countries. The flow of the sea and the vastness of the sky strengthens its presence for blue enthusiasts. Like water, the continuous wearing of larimar jewelry gives a crystal clear mindset. The combination of sterling silver in larimar rings will leave you gazing overview for hours. Nevertheless, other materials also balance out charm, but silver has its own discreteness. 

Turquoise jewelry

It’s another remarkable blue creation for designers to create one-of-a-kind designs for the wholesale turquoise collection. The conchoidal, cleavage, and fracture make it a rare selection for gem lovers worldwide. Yes, it’s a blessing for December-born babies. The color of turquoise is evident from its name but is also available in different shades and brightness of blue, green-blue, and yellow. This waxy luster stone looks alluring in the turquoise pendant. Also known as sky gem, the fusion of earth and sky energies gives it an omnipotent attribute.

Moreover, spider web and matrix patterns are widely embraced amongst fashion souls. Perhaps, this could be the reason for Tibet to consider it as their national gemstones. This gem ranges from transparent to translucent, sometimes opaque, and has a refractive index of 1.590 – 1.650. When opting for turquoise jewelry, it’s a must to know that its hardness ranges from 5-6 on the Mohs scale. And there arrives the need for cleaning it regularly. Overall it’s a perfect summer gemstones that can rejuvenate the mood and outfit quickly. 

Opal jewelry 

The flashy, opalescence and brilliance in its structure make it a favorable feast. This quartz is a combination of 6-10% of water and silicone, which is the reason behind its enticing color. Well, the desirable quality of opals comes from Australia, with 95% of the contribution from Queensland, South Australia, and new south wales.

The continuous wearing of this stone ensures hope, confidence, and purity in an individual. The variety of shades in opal, such as red, green, violet, orange, and pink, makes the perfect wholesale opal jewelry collection for you. The intensity of color and fire enhances the grace of an opal necklace. The toughness of opal is 5.5-6 on the Mohs scale, which makes it a careful gem for wearers. 

Where to buy these gemstones?

The value of these gemstones will surely increase in the future as many companies are trying to push their inventory with this gemstone. Having said that, the rudimentary skills and passion of artisans can be clearly seen in the designs and wide collection of Rananjay Exports. So, jewelry lovers can enhance their wholesale gemstones jewelry collection with authenticity and experience the quality in every style. 


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