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Follow 10 Simple Tips To Become Tech Savvy In Just 10 Days

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There is a running gag that older adults are past the age to understand the intricacies of technology. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a general acceptance of this belief to be the norm. As a result, most technology companies don’t bother to make things easier for their aged customers.

According to Candoo Tech’s recent 2020 survey, 53% of technology-enabled older adults have admitted that they feel more anxious about learning new technology than going to a dentist! Unfortunately, studies also show that cybercriminals target older people because they don’t perceive them to be tech-savvy enough to know when they’re being scammed.

Why Is It Necessary For Older Adults To Become Experts In Technology in 2021?

As the COVID-19 pandemic set in 2020 and forced everyone to stay confined in their homes, the younger generations adapted much quicker than their older counterpart. For example, all students majoring in computer science could find online computer science assignment help and plagiarism checker tools online to ensure that the quality of their homework did not falter.

Additionally, schools, colleges, universities, businesses and the entire working force soon took to video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meet to keep up their everyday lives. However, the ones who were thoroughly left behind were the older generation.

As technology incorporates itself in every sphere of human life, it presents various opportunities for the elderly to improve their lives. For example, you can:

  • Become independent
  • Connect socially
  • Find newer ways to enjoy themselves

Therefore, it’s of vital importance that seniors learn the ropes of technology sooner rather than later.

How To Become Adept In Technology Quickly?

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Mastering technology isn’t as complex as it might seem. Initially, you might be overwhelmed by the overload of information all around you, but as long as you take one step at a time, you’ll find yourself getting used to everything quickly.

Let’s dive into the ten crucial tips that can make your journey much easier:

1. Don’t let fear cloud your mind

One of the biggest obstacles that you’ll face in your journey to become tech-savvy is yourself. If you let the fear of using technology stop you from discovering and learning about new ideas and concepts, you’ll fall behind. No person becomes an expert in something new immediately after trying it a few times.

With time and patience, you can push through the fear that clouds your mind and become a tech-savvy senior in no time.

2. Try to avoid using public WIFI for online payments

When you learn the ropes of technology, you should remember to avoid using public Wi-Fi to conduct any sensitive transactions containing your personal information. These are not secure connections, and your data can leak to others who might misuse it for their gain.

3. Write down the passwords somewhere safe

Most online sites will require you to create an account with a unique password to access its features. However, in old age, it is pretty common to experience forgetfulness. Therefore, every time you log out, it might be challenging to remember the password.

A simple solution is to keep a diary or journal where you can note down the passwords in one place. That way, you will always have them handy if you forget them at some point.

4. Use Google if you’re unsure about something

There’s a saying that “Knowledge is power”, and this holds true, especially when you want to master technology quickly. In your journey, you will surely come across many situations where you’ll be confused about how to proceed. In such cases, you can always ask Google. The search engine has all the answers you need.

5. Do not divulge your personal information

Cybercriminals usually target older adults as they consider them to be more vulnerable targets. If anyone calls you and asks for your credit card or other personal information, do not entertain them in the least. Always be wary of strangers on the internet who will offer to help you with solutions in exchange for personal information.

6. Most things are free

An excellent advantage of the internet is that you’ll find plenty of things that are free of cost. Therefore, if you want to learn a skill or try out some aerobic exercises to keep your body fit, you’ll find plenty of courses free of cost. However, it would be best always to be wary of sites that don’t seem genuine or want you to click on questionable links.

7. Always read reviews before making an online purchase

When you reach old age, it can be challenging to go down to the supermarket every few days to buy essentials and other items. Hence, online shopping is your best friend. You can order anything you want from ecommerce websites sitting in the comfort of your home. 

However, as you cannot check the item yourself before buying, it is best to go through the reviews first. They will give you a good idea of whether the thing is of good quality or not.

8. Make sure to install a good anti-virus software

When you browse the internet, there is always the chance that some viruses might attack your gadget and steal your personal information. Hence, installing good anti-virus software is the first step you should take to prevent anyone from stealing valuable information from you.

9. Apply for local workshops

Many local classes and workshops specializing in introductory technology classes go over the basic steps of what you need to be aware of in general. In addition, these classes can help you learn with other people to not feel alone in your journey to conquer technology.

10. Don’t be shy to seek help

A student can learn the best when they ask their professors to clarify their doubts. Similarly, it is best to ask your children or grandchildren, who are more knowledgeable in the field, to guide you when it comes to technology. Finally, don’t let your shyness stop you from conquering your fear of technology.

Summing it up,

Technology keeps evolving at a rapid pace every day. Hence, seniors might feel overwhelmed by the changes and shy away from learning more about technology. However, once you follow the ten tips highlighted in this blog, you’ll find yourself slowly getting an idea about how to navigate through the maze of modern technology.


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