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Follicular Unit extraction hair transplant and multiple benefits

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Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E) is a technique currently gaining fame of the bounds for Hair Transplant these days due to the fact that we all know; with the increasing surge in the growing aesthetic culture around us revolving and evolving every minute, people are more conscious about their countenance more than ever. Since the 1990s various techniques have come into consideration regarding hair transplant, each overpowering the next growing more medically fit and fewer complications giving a better outcome and excellent prognosis.

Follicular Unit extraction hair transplant and multiple benefits

F.U.E is also known as the FOX (Follicular unit extraction) procedure. It is at present the best known minimally invasive surgery for hair transplant for various purposes leading from aesthetic measures to mandatory procedures. Before this advancement follicular unit grafting was done that had a major setback due to postoperative linear scar that occurred in the patients. Laying F.U.E’s seed in 2001 this technique rapidly gained fame and is used till now. Basically, this approach involves harvesting intact individual follicular units directly from a donor area using a small punch that literally extracts the follicular units. The punch is small enough to leave behind an indiscernible scar. Before starting the whole procedure, itself there is a criterion through which one is scrutinized first to distinguish whether the person or area is suitable for this procedure or not. This is known as what we call a FOX test, summarizing the test which involves taking four to five small biopsies from the back of the scalp and observed under a stereoscopic microscope or sent for histology for further examination. Under all aseptic measures and magnification, follicle units are extracted by a sharp punch to the dermis layer of the body mostly from the occipital region of the scalp. Once the grafts are harvested, they are ready for transplantation to the recipient area. The total time taken for the procedure comes around 5 hours and has a few post-procedural tips that come in handy. Usually, you get a course of antibiotics and steroids to complete accompanied by a pain killer post-operatively. After 3-4 days the transplanted hair develops their blood circulation and tend to grow although, by 14th -21st day 80% of them fall out whereas 20% keep growing, one does not need to fret about this as they regrow after 3-4 months and then continue to grow for a lifetime.

As we all know that aesthetics is gaining much prominence and so is this field but F.U.E has some specific indications also which include people with limited hair loss, limited cosmetic areas, alopecia secondary to any dermatologic manifestations, scarring from traumas, people preferring to have short hair and individuals with an increased propensity of scarring. When we talk about the indications it’s totally just to also specify the contraindications of the procedure which are inexperience in performing this technique, lack of proper instrument, unmotivated patient, unrealistic patients’ expectations, inadequate donor supply, and scarring that makes the process problematic. As it is said that every magic comes with a price, well so does this, there are a few complications that need to be highlighted. Excessive bleeding due to any coagulation disorders, scarring on the donor site due to excess tension, and poor hair growth due to faulty technique. However, the complications rate is very low, a study conducted showed that the complication rates are 4.7% only.

The F.U.E procedure has some shortcomings and benefits also but when weighing the risk versus benefits I simply state that some people believe sternly that “A bad hair day is surely better than a no hair day!” Due to decreased postoperative pain, no scarring and less stay at the hospital this advancement is surely a breakthrough in the medical field helping people getting out of the psychosocial depression they face every day. Those who want to get baldness treatment may visit the best hair transplants Lahore where quality procedure is performed in an economical price.


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