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What is follicular unit excision technique?

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Follicular Unit Excision is one of the marvels of medical engineering. The method is a medically approved surgical implantation where hair follicles are removed from the areas of scalp where there is tremendous growth after which they are then harvested into the bald areas. The bald areas usually appear on the front side of head making them change a person’s entire look. Today, when Medical science has incorporated robotics to ensure optimum benefits and returns they enable to make you look the way you want. It a great investment in making you look good, look happier and that too pain free. Bald head is one of the greatest concerns today, but due to its natural existence it cannot be taken over and just like any other physical deformity it fails to be medically seized. With modern and digital cosmetic innovations, having a bald head is no longer a life-long physical stress.


Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) is a cosmetic procedure, where a robotic system inspects the fertility and growth of the existing hair follicles from the patches of your scalp. Then, this same technology is used to extract the healthy follicles using them as seeds to harvest definitive hair growth in the bald patches of skin. For this, the medical examiners perform tests to ensure that this method will run fruitful on the patient’s head. Once the results are positive they are a go ahead to performing the excision procedure. A specialized Cosmetologist conducts this surgical method after the initial requirements are met. The Dr. draws a circumference where the required harvesting is to be seeded to reap maximum benefits. The follicles extracted through Robotic engineering are then implanted in the barren patches of skin. Once the follicles are injected, blood work is done to ensure the planted follicles gain the required nourishment and nutrients that ensure similar hair growth all over the head.

Among the various miracles that medical sciences have created today, Follicular Unit Excision is undeniably one of the best. It creates magic and revives the dead hope. The process produces promising results by growing natural hair.Cosmetic surgeons are the world’s highest paid medical professionals. Cosmetology is one of the trending and most profitable businesses in the world today. Hair contribute a whole deal in how a person presents himself before others, having good hair definitely boosts confidence, most bald people fear rejection on various personal and professional fronts. On the other hand, there are many who carry their natural hair as it with confidence. Going Bald is only a outlook disorder common among men, there are various physical and medical conditions that result in turning women go hairless which creates a lot of stress and depression among them. Follicular excision provides both men and women to have a rejuvenated and a completely altered look, which not only gives them their desired look but a chance to customize and experiment further with however they desire to be.

Just a random Google search states, “As the Hair Society reports, 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from alopecia or hair loss worldwide. Over 650,000 of them undergo hair transplant as the most effective treatment option annually.” With advancement in medical and cosmetic studies, Follicular Unit Excision is undoubtedly a miracle which is a 100 percent payoff to the amount that is being charged. Though, the treatment is costly but since it promises optimum results therefore it is worth spending the hefty amount. FUE is a blessing indeed, an answer to the prayers of all those who had lost hope with their hair. What a great innovation, certainly! Many patients travel abroad for cheap hair transplant destinations like Pakistan, Turkey and Poland


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