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Follicular Unit Excision Technique

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Follicular unit excision technique (FUE) is a type of hair transplant that is used for removing individuals naturally occurring follicular units which are composed of either 1,2,3 or 4 hair follicles within a given unit. It seems to mimic nature and looks nice and elegant. So ultimately people opt for this technique if they like short haircuts because with FUE technique people have tiny little dot-like scars which allows people to keep their hair short rather than the standard type of transplant which results in a little bit of line scar. In order to implement these techniques, we use certain systems, for example ARTAS robotic systems are used to do this transplant effectively and efficiently. This technique is actually very effective and nice as it provides very consistent harvesting and ultimately a very elegant and decent looking transplant. The best candidate for a FUE is someone with thinning hair or balding who still has enough hair nearby to use for a treatment.

Considering the Follicular unit excision technique, it has been seen that more than 60% of males and 50% of women worldwide suffer from androgenic alopecia and permanent hair loss. This form of loss is a seminal process and can only be briefly inhibited by medicines. At present, transplantation is the answer either for androgenetic alopecia or for other issues with permanent loss. In addition to androgenetic alopecia, transplantation is a successful application of the numerous irreversible hair losses. A new procedure was created in the last 10–15 years for recovery. The follicular unit extraction technique (FUE) is termed in this approach. As the transplantation of the using aforementioned technique is carried out via removal of individual follicles from our epidermis and their implantation elsewhere on our body so ultimately this makes the hair seem denser in the new location. FUE was intended to replace the “traditional” method of FUT. This technique was done by using the follicles and transplantation of the skin into the target region coupled with a whole skin or scalp. It’s less probable that FUE is popular than FUT as it leads to a “hair-plug” appearance in the surrounding region when skin patches do not match. It’s not going to leave a big scar like FUT.A person with balding who has still enough hair in the area to use for a transplant is the ideal candidate for a FUE transplant. A transplant using FUE costs from 4,000 to 15,000 dollars each session. Up to $50,000 or more might be charged for a multi-session process. With over ageing, hair growth and regeneration shorten the three-phase cycle until follicles do not regenerate hair. For each, this process is different. In their 20s, some people start to become bald, while others soon thereafter.

Follicular unit excision technique restores hair to the fresh follicles that can still be developed and replace the old follicles. Follicles are fed by blood arteries after transplantation and start to develop hair in the previously thin or bald region. The most frequent transplant on the scalp is FUE. You may also do it if the hair is sparse or nonexistent elsewhere. It is possible to do it on your arms, legs and even your genital area. When we take grafts from non-scalp area, it is called body hair transplant procedure. We won’t have scars other than little white spots from this kind of transplant that removes follicles. Over time, they may diminish. This kind of transplant recovery is fast. For approximately 3 days, we could experience some swelling or pain but it stayed only for a few days.

After transplantation through this technique, our skull may get somewhat enlarged and bleeding, which is normal, although the degree differs on each person. Most people may go back to work once the hurt and swelling is apparent for around a week. In many indications, FUE is a multifaceted method and has proved its efficient utility. Excellent clinical knowledge contributes to a suitable patient selection and good operational skills aid optimal results. If you are searching for the best hair restoration clinic in Pakistan then one should do some research and see the reviews, before and after photos.


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