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Flowers for the occasions in our life

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They say no matter what the occasion is, there is nothing more thoughtful than a flower. Whether you are expressing grief, anger, remorse, or love, these delicate beauties can convey your emotions through and through.

Flowers have been the best gift for various occasions since time immemorial. Whether it is someone’s birthday or anniversary, sending them a floral arrangement conveys the sender’s feelings effectively and makes the occasion memorable.

However, as a sender, you need to choose suitable flower bouquets or floral arrangements for each occasion. This is because not every floral arrangement expresses the same feeling. While some profess admiration, others state how sorry you are for their loss.

Here are some of the popular occasions on which flowers and floral arrangements are commonly sent. You can get a gist of the kinds of bouquets and arrangements that are acceptable for each of such events.

Valentine’s day

Starting with some love, valentine’s day is said to be the day to celebrate and cherish love. Lovers everywhere send flowers along with other gifts that express their attraction, devotion, love, and care for their partners. Though the gifting individuals are mostly spouses and better halves, children are also seen to have taken an interest in sending flowers to their parents and guardians to show their admiration.

Red flowers, such as roses, are the most commonly given flower on this occasion. For bouquet arrangements, flowers like orchids, chrysanthemums, and lilies are usually preferred. The choice of flowers ranges from those that signify love and fidelity, like tulips and daisies, which are also commonly found in valentine’s day bouquets.

Mother’s day

People express their gratitude to their mothers and maternal figures for their contributions to mother’s day. This is a very special holiday as it binds generations of women in the common thread of motherhood.  Yellow and white are the choice of colors in flowers for this day.

The best flowers for this occasion are carnations and daisies. All flowers, which signify love, respect, and gratitude, are suitable as Mother’s day special gifts. Bouquets consisting of lilies, calla lilies, and gerberas are a wonderful fit for this particular occasion to cheer up mothers everywhere.

Father’s day

On father’s day, people like to show their gratitude to their fathers with simple yet sophisticated bouquets. Like mother’s day you can send yellow flowers. However, these flowers are a little different from the bunch that you would prefer for mother’s day. Flowers such as sunflowers and yellow carnations are the most preferred bunch. Remember, whichever flower bunch you may choose, the prime dominant color must be yellow. This is because yellow is regarded as a masculine color in many countries.


Easter is an important religious festival for Christians worldwide. The most commonly given flowers for easter are lilies. Lilies have been associated with easter for a long time. A bouquet combining tulips, hyacinths, azaleas, and daffodils can also be prepared for this occasion.


This is the day everyone looks forward to since it is the most popular holiday all around the world. The poinsettia is the most appropriate flower for Christmas. Bouquets of this flower along with roses and tulips are also sent by many people to their loved ones on Christmas.


Everyone likes to receive flowers on their birthday and so, a person can never go wrong with sending a bouquet to someone on their birthday. Usually, sending flowers that match the tastes and preferences of the receiver is advised. Many people also send the flowers according to the zodiac sign of the recipient. That way, you have multiple options to browse and find the best kinds of floral arrangements that suit the birthday boy or girl’s personality.


Giving flowers to one’s spouse is a must on their wedding anniversary. Each year of marriage has a dedicated flower. For example, on the 25th-anniversary irises are given and on the 50th-anniversary yellow roses and violets are given. The combination of bright foliage along with the dedicated flowers for the anniversary celebration will be a grand surprise for your better half.

These are just a few occasions to send flowers. They can be sent on many other occasions as well. However, one must be careful to choose suitable flowers. As the flower bouquet that you select will be an extended representation of you.

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