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Is It Possible To Find A Floor Mat That’s Customised For My Business?

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A floor mat is an absolute essential for any business with a physical presence. After all, you don’t want your valued customers, clients and visitors to slip and fall due to a wet or dirty floor, or to get the wrong impression about your company due to a grimy entrance way.

Anyone who runs a business is always on the lookout for new promotion and marketing opportunities, so the idea of a customised floor mat for your company has probably already crossed your mind. After all, everyone entering your premises will look down and wipe their feet as they enter through the door! You don’t want to miss out on a useful personalised advertising opportunity to get your brand logo and message a little extra exposure.

The good news is that you can customise floor mats with any message, image or logo personalised specifically for your business. Whether you want to simply use your brand’s colours for a cohesive theme through your entryway décor, whether you want to display your company logo in a prominent way or whether you want to add a company motto or slogan, the choice is up to you.

Having a customised company logo door mat creates an excellent first impression with your valued customers, clients and visitors and shows just how proud you are of your brand. It will add visual appeal to your entryway or lobby and as an added advantage, it’ll keep your floors clean and tidy!

How Can A Floor Mat Be Personalised?

Creating a bespoke floor mat for your business couldn’t be easier. As well as choosing your own colours and images, there are a number of other variables which you can adjust to suit your own specific needs.

Some of the ways you can customise your logo mat include:

Size – you can choose the best size of floor mat to suit your requirements. Whether you have a small or large doorway, you’ll be able to find the perfect size to meet your needs.

Shape – there are several different shape options available to choose from, so whether you’d like a standard square or rectangular mat, or something more eye-catching such as a round or semi-circular mat, that won’t be a problem.

Borders – it’s up to you whether you prefer to have a logo mat that has a rubber border or one without. You may not require a border if you’ll be fitting your mat into a recess or well, but if you’re laying it on a flat surface at your entrance you’ll probably prefer a border.

Backing – if you have a hard floor in your workplace, a smooth and flat backing might be the best choice for your needs. If you have a carpeted floor, a claw or gripper backing could be the right option for your premises.

Indoor/outdoor – will you be using your door mat outside your premises or inside the entrance? You can choose mats which are suitable for both purposes. Outdoor mats are weatherproof, durable and suitable for use in all kinds of conditions from sun to snow. Indoor mats have a luxurious surface for a more stylish look for your workplace.

Coir – you may prefer to have your company logo printed on a high-quality coir mat. Coir looks very stylish but is very good at removing dirt from shoes. With their cut logo they have a very long lifespan and their non-slip backing makes them a good choice for use indoors on either carpeted or hard floors.

Colour – with options that include 60 different colours, it couldn’t be simpler to accommodate the needs of your brand. All of the shades are colour-fast, vivid and bright enough to attract attention for all the right reasons.

What To Look For In A Customised Logo Mat

If you’re thinking of buying a customised logo mat, you need to look for a product from a company that is reliable and which can supply you with a durable and long-lasting personalised floor mat that will create the right impression for your brand.

A premium-quality backing which will ensure that the mat doesn’t slip and a high-quality upper for a more luxurious appearance will create the right aesthetic. You should also consider the eco-friendliness of your door mat. You should look for recycled materials and low-energy production methods to reduce your carbon footprint. You should also make sure that the materials used to produce your floor mat won’t stain the surrounding floors.

First Mats can produce outstanding quality customised floor mats that meet all these criteria and will impress your valued visitors, clients and customers with their stylish appearance.


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