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Fleet Tracker GPS The Technology To Improve Your Company’s Efficiency

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Most companies have a fleet of vehicles to help them send their products to various parts of the country, or from one city to another. These vehicles have valuable assets loaded in that could be a loss for the companies if the same are stolen or lost. Investing in a Vehicle GPS fleet trackers can be a boon in disguise to companies. The GPS tracker has a built-in system to track vehicles through satellites.

How does GPS Technology Works?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is also referred to as the Navstar Global Positioning System. The GPS was first invented in 1973 at the Pentagon to respond to the rising demand for an error-free satellite system. In 1978, the earth’s first operational GPS satellite was launched, which started functioning fully by mid-1990. The satellite was formed of 24 orbiting satellites which would ceaselessly transmit radio signals.

The fleet tracker GPS basically determines the latest position of any vehicle via signals from three distinct satellites. Then it calculates the latitude, the longitude, and the altitude by measuring the difference in time between the time the signal was sent from the system and the time, that the same was received from all three satellites.

Advantages of Fleet Tracker GPS System To Businesses

Using a GPS tracker for fleet monitoring will help you stay on schedule and avoid needless delays. Your delivery will not be affected by uncontrollable factors such as vehicle breakdown, traffic, rough weather, etc. It can help solve the various issues that will have a negative effect on the schedule.

It provides a map based on real-time and displays the latest location. And planned the route of your entire fleet of vehicles. You are also able to reroute the vehicles remotely. Then you do not need to inform the driver as the changes are made to the navigation system. Which will alert the driver about the change in route.

You get a detailed report

Regarding the most optimal routes to take. Information on the driver’s driving record, or their employment details.

So you decrease fuel costs as it provides you information on engine idling or illegal speeding.

You can spot the optimally efficient routes to take to ensure faster delivery.

You can reroute any vehicle from the navigation system, without needing to inform the driver. This assures there wasn’t any miscommunication with the driver over radio or phone.

You can set alerts for reminders if any of the vehicles are up for maintenance.

Bottom Line

GPS Tracker keeps you ahead of the competition.


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