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FIXED: “Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Not Found” Windows Error (2021)

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Are you facing Bluetooth connection issues while transferring files? Need help with adding a new Bluetooth device? Did you witness the error message “Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Not Found” on your computer? We understand it isn’t enjoyable, but simple steps can quickly fix it!

Although there can be numerous reasons why you must be experiencing this device driver error, one of the most common causes is outdated, corrupted, or missing drivers on your system.

This Is How You Can Fix the “Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Not Found” Error On Windows

Try applying the following workarounds to get rid of this error message. Soon, you’ll be able to use your Bluetooth functionality without hiccups.

METHOD 1 = Update Bluetooth Device Driver Automatically

To fix the annoying Bluetooth Connection issues, automatically update your current drivers with the latest versions.

STEP 1 = Run Smart Driver Care on your Windows PC. It is one of the best driver updater software in the market, with a fast scanning engine to detect corrupted, missing, outdated, and damaged drivers.

2. Smart Driver Care will thoroughly scan your machine to list all the faulty drivers.

STEP 3 = You can look for the faulty Bluetooth drive from the list and click the Update button next to it to get its latest version. Although, we highly recommend our users hit the Update All button to get the most compatible driver version in bulk.

As soon as the driver updater software does its magic, you can fix the annoying error message “Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Not Found” appearing on your Windows 10, 8, and 7 PC.

METHOD 2 = Update Bluetooth Device Driver Manually

1. When the relevant result appears, click on the same and navigate to Device Manager.

STEP 2 = When the Device Manager opens, locate the Other Devices section and double-click to expand the category.

STEP 3 = Right-click the Bluetooth Peripheral Device and click the Update driver button from the new options.

STEP 4 = As soon as you do that, a new pop-up window will appear on your screen, asking how you would like to get the latest drivers on your Windows PC. Refer to the screenshot below to check the options on your Window screen. You need to click on the latter option!

STEP 5 = Click “Let me pick” from the next screen. 

STEP 6 = Click the Hard Disk button from the next screen that appears. A new pop-up window (Install From Disk) will be displayed on your desktop. On this pop-up, you need to click the Browse button!

METHOD 3 Use a USB Bluetooth Adapter

If none of the solutions mentioned above didn’t help you to get rid of the “Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Not Found” error, we recommend using a wireless Bluetooth device instead. It acts as a great alternative to Bluetooth peripheral devices.


First & foremost, you need to get a pluggable USB adapter and attach it to your computer.


 At this point, you must install the USB Bluetooth driver using an installation disk.


The market has tons of Best Driver Updater Software (2021). You can utilize reliable options from reputed companies to update the latest and compatible drivers on your Windows 10, 8, and 7 PC. When you get your hands on the right tool, you


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