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Fix Your poor Urgent Care Billing Management with Sunknowledge Expert

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The ability to offer quick and efficient services and needed care at an affordable rate has taken the urgent care market to the next level. With a waiting time lesser than 30 min, urgent care today is widely popular and apparently has a huge demand among people. Despite such huge demand, the urgent care domain has drawback when urgent care billing is a concern. As each year million of cash are lost due to incorrect and inefficient billing and coding errors. In fact, here are a few common urgent care billing and coding errors –

  • Poor front desk management – front desk plays a vital role this is because proper management of the front desk process can lead to seamless revenue generation in the urgent care billing process. A simple mistake at the front desk can not only be the reason forlost revenue but also answer to bad debt, and delayed collections.
  • Incorrect documentation – documentation of the right information at the right place is very vital otherwise it might end up resulting in lesser revenue. In fact, a lot of coding factors also depend on the right documentation.
  • Coding errors – with the healthcare industry evolving and the introduction of new codes daily, in-house coders often get confuse leading to undercoding, coding mistakes, duplicate coding etc. Thus resulting in rejection and late reimbursement.
  • Claims errors – due to pressure in-house billers often miss out on the deadline of claims and result in delayed claims submission.

Steps to rectify your urgent care billing mistakes :

Steps to remedying your urgent care mistake are in fact quite easy, starting with an efficient front end management process. With trained and experienced billers and front end managers who excel in handling different payors not only make your billing process errors free but also helps you with faster reimbursements. Understanding different billing regulations and staying up to date on your procedures outsourcing your billers and coders is a boon.

In fact, outsourcing your urgent care billing today is one of the most cost effective and convenient solutions for many healthcare practices who all are coping with the present competitive market and rising healthcare costs.

With regular retraining sessions to ensure you with a better billing solution, outsourcing billers further help with the best reimbursement rates possible. Furthermore, Sunknowledge Services Inc is a decade old RCM solution expert in urgent care billing today has 100s of excellent industry references. Providing you benefits like operational cost reduction, lesser denial rate and faster reimbursements, Sunknowledge is known for closing all your billing gaps efficiently.


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