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Fix the update problem and secure your device

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Users install lots of programs on the system for performing different jobs. System software manages the device’s functions whereas the applications are used for specific tasks. All these programs require regular updates. The company provides updates for the program. Users get new features and changes in some updates. But most of the updates are for security purposes. Online threats like cybercriminals create the backdoor for the program. The new update provides the fix patch to your program’s interface to prevent new threats. When you get the update of your program; install it immediately. Whenever you face any issues while updating the program or OS then check for the error and fix it.

Update your Operating System

A user must keep his OS up to date. Cybercriminals can easily hack outdated Operating Systems. Go to the OS and check for its update. When you see the new update for your OS then install it. When the OS is not updating; check the internet connection. Use a reliable and stable connection. When you are updating a phone OS, it may ask you to enable the Wi-Fi. You can update the OS using phone data but the connection must be stable.

Inspect the system files

When the connection is fully stable and your OS is still showing error then check for the system files. Your system files might get corrupted due to malware infection or runtime error. When the OS is not updating; restart the device. Restarting the system will repair the runtime errors. Again click on the update button. When the system files are corrupted then the user must contact the technical team. If the user edits the system files incorrectly then his whole system may break down. On Windows systems, you can also run system file checkers. Windows team provides this inbuilt tool to repair system files. The user has to run the sfc/scannow tool on the command screen. Wait until the sfc tool scans all the system files. If your files are corrupted then this tool will repair them. After repairing the system files; the user can easily update his operating system.

Update your security program

Updating the antivirus or any security program on the system is necessary. These programs only secure their system reliably when they are updated. When the security software is outdated; it can’t protect the system from new malware. Some users reported that they are getting Norton live update process updates failed to complete the message. This error notification appears when the user has another antivirus. Two security programs start conflicting with each other when detecting the virus. While updating the antivirus; another program may start interrupting it. You have to install only one security program on the device. Go to your computer and uninstall one antivirus. Open your programs folder; check the programs’ list. Remove other antivirus programs from the list. Restart your computer to apply new changes and then try to update your antivirus.

Scan your device with antivirus

Sometimes the programs on the system show update errors due to malware infection. Malware corrupts the programs and files. When the user tries to update the program or make any changes; malware starts interrupting the changes. When you are facing issues in making changes; run the malware scan. The anti-malware will detect and remove dangerous viruses from the device. After scanning; open the program and again try to update.

Remove all your system junk

Updating process on the system can be interrupted by the junk. System junk files are not malicious and only occupy the free space on the system. But when users don’t remove these junk files; they may start interrupting many of your processes. Users may also face errors in loading certain files and web pages. To prevent any kind of error, you must clean the system and remove all the junk files. Firstly, open the temp files as these files often interrupt other processes. Remove all the files and then try to update. Now open the C drive and remove the files of the program you have uninstalled. For removing junk from the system; run a clean manager tool. You have to run cleaner and then try the updating process. When a particular program is showing an update error then you can ask for technical help.


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