Five tools for personal records search online

Searching for personal records has never been easier. It used to be a very cumbersome process that involved searching from one institution to another for specific details. This takes a whole lot of time and effort when gathering information about an individual—going from the phone companies to the courts to real estate agencies to find these records. With the interconnecting internet databases from institutions and companies, private and public records are available at the tip of one’s finger for a people background search. Whatever the reason for your search, whether to find a lost relative, to do a search on a neighbor or potential hire, what you need is at your fingertips. There are now so many tools to perform a search with different degrees of reliability and accuracy. Here are some of the best tools available for a people background search.


Whitepages is a prominent people search website that makes finding people on the internet more accessible. The tool gets the job done with free background information that includes social records and professional history. A full in-depth background d information can also be obtained by paying a monthly subscription fee. This detailed report can consist of contact numbers, addresses, properties, court records, criminal records, liens, judgments, family members & associates, current contact details, and much more.


PeopleFinder is a tool for record search that has indexed millions of publicly available data into its system, which helps find an individual. It is especially great for finding details about people you want to reconnect with. The search result gives one access to the individual’s recent address for free. However, you need to pay for the complete report that includes the person’s phone numbers, court records, financial information, relatives, social records, and more.


Radaris is a comprehensive tool to use when searching for personal records online. A search on Radaris compiles information from various data sources with access to billions of publicly available records. The platform is reliable, more accurate, and current due to constant updates of records. One can use this Radaris to find out personal records about an individual using a phone number or perform an email search. Radaris’s people background search. can be used to access full names, address history, professional records, social network data, mugshots, deaths and other civil records, patent filings, marriage and divorce records, mailing addresses, property records, and more. You can also monitor your online presence by doing a record search on yourself, allowing you to remove things you don’t want to be publicly available online.


This platform is dedicate to conducting background checks for various purposes. IT can be used as an individual or by businesses when hiring employees. It is a free directory that helps the user source data from public records available on the internet. This is an efficient tool for record search as the search can turn up details such as age, aliases, date of birth, relatives, social media information, online presence, criminal records, arrests, marriage and divorce records, bankruptcies, civil records and judgments, traffic tickets, and more.


BeenVerified also is a website to look up personal records. It has a user-friendly design with many features for getting the best out of a search. Using the tool, one can easily search with names, email addresses, phone numbers, and locations. The report from a search includes details such as address history, pictures, friends, social media accounts, professional background, and general information. These are the basic details that one can get on a free plan. To access more in-depth personal background information, including criminal or court records, one needs to pay and join the platform as a member.


PeopleLooker is a convenient tool one can use to search with a number, name, and email. The platform has perfect data security as it uses secure SSL certificates when processing requests to search with confidence and anonymously. It also allows one to remove personal records from the reverse caller database. The tool will enable one to explore multiple parameters that make the people’s background search more precise. The search engine cross-references records from different databases for a more accurate and very detailed report.

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