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Five reasons why is crucial your business offers International shipping

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If you don’t want your business to stay local, you should consider adding an international
shipping option. Nowadays it is not that difficult to ship your merchandise around the world and
all it takes is a little bit of logistic strategy. Although it will probably require some investment, on
the other hand, you could reach millions of potential clients you couldn’t have reached
otherwise. Let’s focus on the main reasons why this idea would be beneficial for your business.

Staying competitive

Your competition is probably doing international shipping, at least those who are serious in the
business. By not doing the same, you lose a lot of potential clients. Don’t worry if your target
group is in a faraway country or continent. These days the customers don’t care about that
precisely because of the numerous companies that do international shipping. Since they are
used to being able to order merchandise from anywhere, they won’t particularly care where you
send the orders from as long the shipping is relatively cheap and fast. A little psychological trick
is that customers usually order more than one thing to avoid paying double shipping, so that
way more of your merchandise could be sold. Jump into your customers’ shoes and imagine
only being able to buy in local stores. It wouldn’t be convenient. They already are looking for
companies that ship from around the world, so take that advantage. With good marketing, you
can make a considerable customer base.

The central warehouse can be affordable

We live in a time of free commerce and borders are a formality in many parts of the world when
it comes to shipping. Having a central warehouse you can ensure the fast delivery of goods and
also a reasonable time for it to be delivered. In special situations like the one that we currently
have with the ongoing Covid19 pandemics, it is especially important to be able to ship to the
majority of zones, because the clients would appreciate it. Some strategic planning must be
included, your international warehouse should be situated in the global trade cities like LA or
Hong Kong for instance. That way, you can easily distribute your merchandise throughout the
Asian and North American continent. For Europe, the Netherlands can be a good option since it
is close to the southern, central, and northern parts of the continent.

Logistic companies are your partners

Now that you have decided where you want to establish your warehouse hub, it is time to find a
partner who would share the part of the job and the expenses with you. Choosing the right
freight logistics company
is a good way to improve your business, whether is it Import/Export by
Sea and Air, Container Cartage, National Warehousing, or National Transport & Distribution. It
is not just the freight they are involved in. International logistics companies are in charge of the
paperwork, customs regulations in every country, budget, deadlines, types of carriers available
for a certain period, etc. For this reason, a professional logistic company is the best choice for
you, especially if you are a novice in this kind of business. Although shipping by yourself can
save you money, it can be very challenging for the aforementioned reasons, so maybe the best
option is to learn by watching the professionals do the job.

The statistics are on your side

One more reason to start with international shipping is that purchases from abroad are

becoming more popular each year. The domestic growth could even be surpassed by cross-
border in the future. One-fifth of cross-border purchases surpasses $200, which confirms what

we previously said, the customers spend more money in one purchase to spare on the shipping,
but also they are willing to pay for your products if they find them worth the price. At the end of
the day, there might not be similar products for that price in the town they live in. This gives you
the option to explore your market and see what exact merchandise is the best choice for certain
zones when it comes to e-commerce.

Straightening the local economy

This is often neglected but if you think about it it is very simple. You have a company in your
country and you might even manufacture your merchandise locally and even create job
vacancies locally for people who work for you. On the other hand, you sell your products both
locally and worldwide. By selling worldwide, you bring profit from other parts of the world to your
own country. This is most certainly a positive thing for both the local economy and your
business. Sometimes it is good to see a bigger picture when it comes to business and not just
the profit itself.

In conclusion, every business decision brings its risks and advantages. We have focused on the
positive effects of your business expanding internationally. To investigate the possible
downsides consult with the professionals as well, like the logistic company you hire. Build your
strategic plan and invest in a collaboration with good and reliable partners for logistic and
warehouse purposes. Without this, making your business international could be a failure. Be
patient, perseverant, and investigate your target markets well to avoid cultural and language
barriers that can make certain obstacles to your business. This way, you will be a decent
competition to other companies in, not only your local area but also in other parts of the world.
Your personal profit and the benefits for the local economy are more than enough to convince
you to embark on this journey.


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