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Five Online Businesses you can start from home

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“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard,” said Guy Kawasaki, the author of Wise Guy, The Art of the Start 2.0, The Art of Social Media, Enchantment, and eleven other books. Guy Kawasaki the chief evangelist of Canva and the creator of Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People podcast.

Well, starting a home-based business is a venture; you can make it a full-time or a side business that you can run from your home itself. But if you use the online market to sell your products then it can put a positive effect on your business and also you can reach a larger audience to connect with. Also, you can use your home as an inventory and can directly ship the products from there.

Here are five online businesses you can start from home:

Buy the product in bulk and sell them online:

There are many businesses that are working on this method, they buy different products in bulk and then sell them individually to make a good profit. To start your own business you can do the same, let’s take a situation- you went to some new place or any other country and found some interesting product that is not available in your market despite their demand. So, you can buy those products in bulk and sell them at your place at the price you think is better for your profit.

If the product is easy to store and ship then you get a good home-based business idea in your pocket.

Sell homemade products:

Right now there is a huge demand for homemade products in the market and there is a large for you to have a good business if your products are successful in the market. You can convert your hobby into a successful business and you will have the power to control every aspect of your business from the product sale to their cost-cutting, improvement of their quality, or targeting your audience. Selling your creation is a great way to share your passion with different people and also to make money with it.

Start a dropshipping store:

In the above business ideas, you have to store your inventory in your home, but there are some options that can allow you to take your inventory and shipping off your hands.

Dropshipping is a business model that works with the connection of a third party. This model will allow third parties to produce, store, and ship your products on your behalf and you will just have to control your marketing strategy and your customer services.

Well, to get your dropshipping supplier, they can be someone from local or from overseas, but also take in mind that you should find a trusted supplier that has the experience in providing great service to your customers.

Start a print-on-demand business:

If you have design skills then you are good for this startup, if not you can always hire some talents that can be effective for your business. The print-on-demand business does not need to hold inventory or you can ship it by yourself. Just with the name, you can understand that this business is all about providing a perfect design for various products like- hats, t-shirts, books, backpacks, mugs, shoes, or hoodies.

Sell your service:

Making a service-based business is also a good startup.

But you should remember one thing that this business requires good connections and referrals to find suitable clients. There are several service-based businesses that you can choose from, like- Freelance, house cleaning, virtual assistance, marketing, and designing.

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