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Five high tech trends for your skiing holiday

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The time of skiing is upon us. It pulls up to winter holidays across the country, and for many Danes, it means a trip to colder skies. Shopalike offers five high-tech winter trends that you will not miss this year.

The time when skiing holidays were like polishing off the old wooden skis, wearing a neon-colored flight suit, and hoping that freezing fingers could be thawed with hot mulled wine, belongs to ancient times. Today, skiing is a science in itself, and tech zahir has become as much a part of the ski trip as the powders and après ski.

Every year new gadgets are added, and this year Shopalike has found five high-tech winter trends that are not to be missed if you are going on a ski holiday this year.

skiing holiday: 1. The helmet

If there’s one thing you should not compromise on, it is the helmet. There are a sea of ​​variants, both with and without digital accessories, but helmets have become much more technical in recent years. Both in terms of security features and all the fun. If you still need to replace the old one, you can appropriately check out The Forcite Helmet Systems. The helmet includes a 4K action camera with a 13.5-megapixel sensor, GPS, headlights, a walkie-talkie, and Bluetooth speakers.

2. The ski goggles

When speeding down the mountain ridges, it is not the intention that anything other than cascades of the powders should block the vision. With ski goggles from A-bom you avoid foggy lenses. The company has for its A-bom Klair ™  technology to eliminate condensation on the glasses. With a click on the independent heating system, A-box promises to keep the fog away for seven days at a time. In addition, you can switch between lenses for different weather conditions with a ‘swap’ mechanism that holds the lenses in place with electrical contact points.

For skiing holiday: 3. The jacket

Ski jackets are available just like skis in countless variants with soft lining, a waterproof and breathable shell, smart air holes, and pockets for the phone, iPod, or wallet. But some jackets have also taken into account the safety of the slopes. Like the Jackson Avalanche Airbag jacket, which has a built-in airbag system, storage solutions, and a breathable shell.

4. The gloves

Frost-bitten fingers can easily make the ski trip a pain. Black Diamond has developed gloves with rechargeable add heat technology with three different LED switch-controlled heating settings. Self-heating gloves! The gloves are waterproof and breathable, but unfortunately, there is not yet a backup battery in case an accident should be out.

5. Gadgets

The startup company Carv has developed a ski boot that works as a digital ski instructor. Via a super-thin chip, Carv measures your movements and pressure distribution, which is used for feedback that you receive in real-time through your headphones. You can also record your races and compete with your friends in virtual competitions.


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