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Five food dishes to try in Hawaii

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Hawaii is one of the places people dream of visiting to experience fun and relaxation. This magnificent Aloha state has immaculate landscapes, making Oahu Island tours a perfect activity to appreciate beautiful sceneries. It is also home to countless clean beaches; hence, a great place where people can enjoy water activities, such as turtle snorkeling and surfing.

Apart from island tours and water activities, Hawaii is a certified bucket-list destination for many people because of its distinctive culture and delicious meals. The Hawaiian cuisine is one of the most interesting as it offers diverse, delicious foods in the south pacific.

The traditional Hawaiian cuisine mainly consists of fruits and vegetables, mostly locally and freshly grown on volcanic islands. In addition, fresh fish is the most predominant meat in the Aloha State. But, over the years, locals and immigrants from other nations have settled in Hawaii and have brought to the Aloha State a mixture of new and different flavors. This has resulted in Hawaii becoming a multi-cultural melting pot in the Pacific, serving a unique fusion of cuisines.

With the variety of flavored dishes and food options, Hawaiian cuisine is deemed as one of the most distinct cuisines in the world. Thus, when visiting the Aloha State, it is a must to try to eat like a local and taste different Hawaiian dishes that showcase the contrasting flavors of American and East Asian cuisine.

Kalua Pig, Poi, Spam Musubi, and Lau Lau are some of the dishes you must try when visiting Hawaii. Of course, as the Aloha State is well-known for its fruits, you should not miss out on them. Hawaii is famous for its sweet pineapples and lilikoi, Hawaii’s native term for passion fruit.

For more information about what food dishes you should try in Hawaii, read the infographic by Go Hawaii Tours provided below:

Five food dishes to try in Hawaii-infographic image013256


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