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Five Exciting Things to do in Fort Collins

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Fort Collins is a beautiful city, also known as the craft beer capital of Colorado. The site offers mindblowing getaway tourists for planning a weekend trip. Besides craft beer, the city is home to famous Universities, colorful streets, ghost stories, football clubs, reservoirs, parks, and stunning attractions. While here, you can indulge in great outdoor activities like bicycling, zoo tours, kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking, rafting, or boating. Traveling can be a great way to take a break from your busy life and en route to your dream destination.

The best part of visiting Fort Collins is knowing about the city’s interesting cultural life and rich historical heritage. It was founded in 1864 as a military fort and is now known as ‘Camp Collins.’ 

If you are planning a trip and can’t decide about the fun things to do in Fort Collins, here is a valuable guide.

Find unique shops in Fort Collins.

Fort Collins is packed with amazing and unique shops, and if you are a shopaholic, don’t forget to explore the market. The Historic Old Town is a prime shopping spot where you can find great things to buy. People who love collecting stuff will find many pieces from antique shops. Fashion enthusiasts can buy trendy clothes and accessories from great outlets, boutiques, and vintage shops.

In addition, there are opportunities for endless outdoor adventure. There are a variety of art galleries offering traces of contemporary and modern art. Some fantastic shops to explore in Fort Collins are Board & Brush, Cupboard, Foothills Flea Market, Foothills Shopping Center, The Museum Store, Front Range Village, Ginger and Baker, Happy Lucky’s Tea House Front Range Village, etc.

Head to the Ranch Events Complex for unlimited entertainment

The Ranch Events Complex covers more than 240 acres of land for organizing indoor and outdoor activities. It is widely popular as a leading event planning industry, featuring exceptional catering services, versatile events, plenty of parking areas, best-rated hotels, and amenities. Coffee lovers can visit Spectra Food Services and Hospitality to have incredible food items and beverages. The ambiance, cuisine, presentation, and customer service of the place are so grand and impeccable.

On average, the Ranch launches around 700 events ranging from business meetings, conferences, corporate events, trade shows, festivals, livestock events, family-friendly picnics, holiday parties, live music concerts, and sports events.

Riding a bicycle in the open space in Fort Collins

Bicycling in the lapse of nature and experiencing the charming views of the clear sky, green parks, lovely buildings, etc. Bicycling is probably one of the best things to do in Fort Collins. The city has a lot of flat terrains, broad bike lanes, and hiking trails that allow you to indulge in different activities. 

Fort Collins is one of the five major bike-friendly cities globally, representing around 285 miles of trails and bike lanes covered throughout the city and the terrains of mountains if you want to relish a beautiful experience of the natural beauty and irresistible charm of Fort Collins by making Southwest Airlines reservations. 

Watch the live performance of stars at the Downtown Creative District.

There is so much exposure still yet to be discovered in Fort Collins. The Downtown Creative District is one of the best art and entertainment zones. Widely appreciated for organizing professional acting troupes, Broadway shows, venues, musical theatres, and dining. Around half a dozen live theatre stages remain in production every year, including a symphony orchestra, ballet troupe, and many opera companies. While here, you can be a part of a wide range of concerts. You can also join touring shows, art galleries, incredible museums demonstrating exhibitions, etc.

Explore the Breweries in Fort Collins

There is plenty of breweries in Fort Collins from big breweries. Such as New Belgium to local breweries like Zwei Brewing Co. Tourists can find breweries in every corner of the city. Therefore, they must keep this on their travel bucket list. New Belgium is renowned for its Fat Tire Amber ale, a certified Carbon Neutral beer. Moreover, the brewery is home to Tour de Fat while you are in the city. Visit the brewery with your friends and enjoy the most refined taste of quality beers. Plan your dream vacation by making British Airways Booking and prepare for a superb and memorable trip.

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