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Five Different Flowers for Selective Occasions

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Occasions are part and parcel of life. In the entire calendar year, there are various occasions where we get invited and attend – starting from birthday parties to wedding ceremonies, flowers play a crucial role and represent a particular meaning. These might be any flowers, and each of them adds extraordinarily to the event’s happiness. These special events may include birthday parties, thanksgiving, anniversary celebrations, friendship days, baby showers, recovery occasions, or business purposes. The best five flowers available in our shop and which might be vital for some popular events are mentioned below.


This is the perfect flower for weddings, which represents love and determination at the same time. It does not matter how big or small a wedding ceremony is, as Amaryllis flowers will reflect instant happiness in those ceremonies. We have this unique collection of these flowers, which we guarantee that you will love. These flowers can be gifted in bouquets or as individual ones as we will prepare these quite well for you as they can be used both as home and external decors. These flowers more popularly signify success and beauty, mainly because of their height and sturdiness. They also represent holidays as various occasions take place, usually during holidays.


The best, romantic, and the most common flowers which can be gifted, especially on almost all occasions, are roses. These come in a lot of varieties of our shop such as red, white, yellow and pink colors. Each of them represents something separately and individually. While the red roses symbolize passion, white roses represent chaste love, and yellow roses mean friendship, and pink roses represent admiration. The best and added advantage of buying roses is that they can be gifted on almost any occasion- the biggest of all being as roses, in a word, represent love. However, you can buy it from our shop if you have a birthday, a wedding or any other occasion to attend and gift it to your beloved.


These flowers generally represent the joy of youth and innocence of childhood. Because of these factors, they can be gifted to small children, usually on birthdays. They can also be blessed to mothers on mother’s days, as it also signifies love and warmth. They are available in plenty in our shop, and you can choose your mother’s favorite lilac and gift her as they can also be granted in bouquets, and we prepare the best quality of scents which your mother will love deeply. Buy your favorite flowers for your everyday occasions and send them to your loved ones or decorate your home.

Pink Carnations

These flowers more commonly represent gratitude and respect. Therefore, carnations can be gifted to someone whom you respect, such as a teacher, or it can be your own parents. Thus, a special occasion on which this flower can be gifted is on Teacher’s Day to show a deep respect towards your teacher. Sometimes, these flowers can also be given on birthdays to show how much you respect your beloved – your best friend or any elder. We have a unique collection of these flowers. Gifting these flowers would surely result in deepening and strengthening your bonds with your beloved ones. Get the most beautiful bouquet of carnations for your loved ones from your florist in Hixson TN.


This flower is more commonly used in funerals or in any sad events, representing a token of remembrance. Sometimes they are also gifted to anyone living to signify a long life. We have a vast collection of these flowers in our shop, which you can gift to reflect the actual significance of such particular events. Thus, in a word, these flowers reflect a token of sympathy. Choose from amongst the best floral collections from Lometas flowers Soddy Daisy directly from our website.


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