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Fitness App Market is set to reach $3.50 billion during 2021-2025

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In the last few years, fitness apps have made a strong position among individuals worldwide. Ease of doing a workout, personal touch, and satisfaction of completing your targets are significant reasons behind the success of fitness apps. You may find it surprising, but according to Techanvio, the fitness app market is expected to grow by $3.50 billion during 2021-2025, expanding at a CAGR of around 15%.

While the industry has been over the radar long before the pandemic, the advent of the  Coronavirus has brought unprecedented growth for fitness applications. Today, when many companies strive hard to survive in this time of despair, top mobile app development companies were experiencing a huge rise in the demands of custom-built fitness app development services every day.

But why does the fitness app industry is seeing unprecedented growth in such a short span? Why has the new report caused stirring turbulence in the fitness app market? Read the article to find out how the fitness app industry is disrupting every analyst’s expectation.

Fitness app market: Increasing penetration of smartphones

Technavio’s report shed light upon the implications of why fitness app development services have gained such vital interest amongst the world populace. As per Technavio, the increasing use of smartphone applications has highly influenced many to use fitness apps. Moreover, according to the Mobile Economic Survey 2018, the global adoption of smartphones in 2019 was 65% and is estimated to surge to 75% in 2022. 

Penetrating power of Internet in many U.S. regions

Another critical insight that Technavio drew from the Fitness App Market report 2021 is the increasing penetration of the Internet in the last two decades. The report removed the dust off of the growing number of global internet users and suggested that the correlation between the rising use of the Internet and the pandemic has heightened the fitness applications trajectory in 2021.

“According to Statista, in 2020, there were over 284 million internet users in the United States. This accounts for 85.8% of the total U.S. population who can access the Internet from anywhere, via any device. Furthermore, the online usage penetration in the United States is projected to increase to 87.2% in 2025.”

While the data doesn’t scratch the surface, we dug a little deeper and found the use of the Internet in various parts of the United States. During the Coronavirus related lockdown, a report from Freeletics, a provider of Artificial Intelligence-based fitness and lifestyle training, shows that 74% of Americans used at least one fitness app, and 60% are planning to cancel physical gym memberships.

As the number of internet users is nowhere near its exemption, many fitness companies are bound to explore Internet utilities’ applications. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and many other technology trends help companies provide a personalized customer experience. But besides all such amenities, there has been one that stands above all: Smart Wearables. 

Growing adoption of wearable devices

Another critical aspect that the leading analyst firms noted is the ever-increasing usage of wearable devices. Research analysts suggest that many companies shift from mobile fitness apps towards intelligent wearable devices, smartwatches, and smart rings to cater to their customer needs. This way, companies can accommodate users in tasks like messaging, calling, and fitness tracking.

With more, these smart wearable devices integrate various features that make people feel fit and healthy. Heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step counter, GPS tracking, etc., are some of the significant features adopted by every fitness app development company. The latest application of this is the recent launch of Sony’s smart wearable band ‘Sony Wena’. The Japanese tech giant recently made the headlines with their new ‘Sony Wena’ smart strap. The new strap, which also acts as a smart band, offers various personal amenities, including contactless transactions and provides fitness tracking, GPS, and heart rate monitoring. The company has dominated the fitness app market for the past few years and firmly believes in the sector’s growth in the upcoming decade. 

Today, the Fitness app market is one of the fastest-growing sectors on our planet. The industry, driven by numerous key and new players, has been infusing new elements into mobile applications catering to every aspect of the consumer. Whilst it may be unlawful to participate in this growth wave, choosing an experienced mobile app development company is necessary for this cut-throat competition.

For over 11 years, TechAhead, one of the best fitness app development company in the U.S., has launched many popular fitness applications for its prestigious clients. TechAhead solely focuses on the latest app development trends backed by the latest software tools. Get in touch with the TechAhead consultants to get started with your next mobile app project.


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