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Fishing bait sizes from XXL to S

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Many anglers are tempted by relatively small baits – the so-called manure earthworm. Which is considered to be a particularly effective bait or a few fly larvae closed on a hook. But this tactic catches a lot of small ropes and “white” fish. Accidental catches often become a factor that prevents large ropes from breaking into the bait. The situation can be changed by using XXL baits that do not bite small fish. Also, fishing bait alarms may help in combination with XXL baits.

From No.14 to No.6 …

In the estuaries of the seaside, where we usually catch fish. There are a lot of different small fish – roach, crucian carp, flounder, therefore, following the tactics popular with many anglers and using no. 

I was often dissatisfied with the result of the 14 hooks, because while waiting for the big rope to catch. A lot of trifles were constantly caught, which caused a lot of confusion and noise when floating ashore. Also does not improve the fishing atmosphere at the fishing spot and also it is important to have a good fishing boat. 

On the contrary, the plumes and splashes on the careful ropes are suspicious and they bypass the bait where the bait is thrown. How to avoid unnecessary noise?

At first, I experimented with different baits, but then a lot of small ropes got stuck until a very simple way came to mind. 

Instead of no. I started using No.6 hooks for 14-10 hooks. But it turned out that the baits I used were too small for hooks of this size. Since one of the best rope baits is a worm, the larvae of “manure” or fly larvae had to be worth a “puff” to cover the whole hook. 

But then another thing that hindered the purposeful catching of large ropes turned out – small roaches or carousels successfully unhook the “manure” from the hook, unable to swallow the bait. 

In addition, larger “white” fish and perch began to be caught. Then I first decided to give up fly larvae altogether, and then I started using them. Depending on the size of the bait, no. 4-2 hooks, and worth XXL-sized earthworms or bait combinations on them.

The methods are different and the version is one

To catch ropes in one place I prefer to float, in others – bottom, but in both cases. XXL size baits work perfectly. I prefer to fish with a float when the weather is calm and the bait does not need to be thrown very far. 

Typically, when fishing with a float, I use rigid match-type fishing rods, such as Salmo Diamond Match 30 (4.20 m, test – 5-30 g) and floating floats. The assembly diagram is reminiscent of a bologna-type fishing rod structure consisting of a float, stop knot, bumper bead. Also plum-shaped massive weight, 2-3 smaller ball-shaped weights (0.3-0.5 g), and a leash with a hook attached to the main net.


Such a structure has the advantage that the rope does not feel the main resistance of a massive weight when it starts to pull the bait to be swallowed aside. The “plum” is closed on the main cleaner through a hole in its body and fixed with a “ball” and a buffer bead at a distance of 0.50-0.70 cm from the bottom. 

Below it, a 0.5 g “ball” is attached in the middle between the spinner and the “plum”. And in the middle of the 25-35 cm leash – a 0.3 g “ball”, which helps the bait to sink faster on the bottom. Thus, the rope “lifts” the bait from the bottom. Feels only insignificant resistance of a weight of 0.3 g, and boldly devours the proposed delicacy.

Float – a very effective tool, but has one drawback. Its essence is that the XXL bait should be pulled on the hook so that the sting protrudes slightly, otherwise the large ropes will not cut well. 

When the ropes like to taste canned corn at the same time in summer. There are no problems – 6-7 bright yellow grains are easy to put on the hook, but if the ropes prefer to look at “meat” dishes or combined baits, there are some difficulties …

Bait combinations

Carabiner for live bait Fox Maggot Clips “earrings” – the ability to form large and therefore particularly attractive combination baits. No matter how diligently you close the earthworm on the hook, but when dressed like an eel, it will eventually expose a larger part of the hook than it should. 

For Rope, it immediately catches the eye. On the other hand, the earthworm intended to seduce the rope must not be closed on the hook like a sock. Although its small tip has to swing, then this versatile bait becomes very attractive to perch who do not shy away from visiting rope farms. 

As a result, the chances of the rope getting stuck are reduced. To increase it with XXL baits, it is advisable to use bait combinations such as earthworm and corn grain.

Initially, the earthworm is closed on the hook so that a 1-1.5 cm “tip” protrudes at the stem ear and the remaining bait fits on the hook. The significantly protruding sting is then masked with 2 grains of corn. 

Corn grains

Corn grains can also be combined with fly larvae. In this case, the main bait is corn, and 2-3 larvae mask the sting of the hook. However, even more, opportunities to catch ropes with bait combinations are provided by the bottom with a feeder. 

First, the bait can be “sealed” in the feeder so that after a while, along with the bait, it will fall to the bottom and find itself, in the true sense of the word, zone. 

A single-pronged hook is better for this method of fishing (if a closed type feeder is used – a basket). But Maggot Clips’ “earrings” provide even greater opportunities to supply XXL bait to the rope. 

Especially if you are fishing with Method type feeders. The bait is then inserted into the bait that covers the feeder and also finds itself in the center of the bait that has fallen on the bottom. Maggot Clips “earrings” allow you to combine very large lures that are insurmountable for smallness. 

Maggot clips

In addition, Maggot Clips mounts to minimize the chance of the rope getting caught in the hook and pulling. As they work in the same way as “hair” leashes used for carp fishing. The rope cannot detach from the bait strung on the clasp “earring” and is forced to swallow it all, and together with the bait. It sucks in the hook attached below the bait. 

Therefore, most often the fish cuts itself. Maggot Clips “earrings” also allow the use of artificial baits – silicone earthworms, fly larvae, corn grains. Such baits are insurmountable to the smallest detail, but soaked in aromatic oils are great lures for ropes.

In conclusion

All anglers with a vibration in their hearts think of a mysterious time when the contours of objects. The environment is already becoming visible, but have not yet dawned. 

This is the time when the biggest fish catch. Which arrives at the coast at that time to feed. Then retreats to the depths without waiting for the heat of the day. The combined bait strung on the Maggot Clips “earring” and was thrown in the right place in the evening. It gives the healthy greeting at dawn and becomes a serious argument for hooking the trophy rope that found it.

If you are interested in learning more about the essence of fishing and would like to get some great advice check out Duohook.ie.


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